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by DayLight
Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:02 pm
Forum: Personal Experiences
Topic: how i use ET in my daily life
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Re: how i use ET in my daily life

joost 123:
And his teachings on mp3 have been on my zenV ( mp3 player.. ) ever since.
Is that EGO speaks? :mrgreen:
by DayLight
Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:59 am
Forum: General Eckhart Tolle Discussion
Topic: parents
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Re: parents

Don`t protect yourself, just accept her as she is.

If you cannot change her, just accept her. Like E.T. says in "New earth" you can accept that, enjoy or be full of enthusiasm.Because you can`t enjoy, ACCEPT! It is how it is, than what?
by DayLight
Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:05 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi to all
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Hi to all

First, I want to apologize because my english is not very well, but I hope so we will find our understandings. Just for start I want to tell some words ABOUT me. I`m Borislav from little town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I`m 23 years old and I studing economics, and living with my twin brother and pa...