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Da Shan

Post by SandyJoy » Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:56 pm

I felt an inner prompting to post this here today so I shall follow through :D : It's about Reality and 'not reality", a subject that seems to get mis-understood when trying to communicate on the subject.

I think many of you will find this an excellent and liberating analogy on "What Is" and how 'what is not' fits into the Wholeness. Here is brilliant way to show how it all 'comes together' in the Light of Truth.

But there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Genesis)

If one draws a great X on a sheet of paper and visualizes the top half (to infinity) as representing the invisible Godhead, let him understand that the bottom half represents the entire tangible universe—Da Shan, emerging out of Ineffability at its peak, even while being embraced by that Godhead simultaneously, not unlike the manner in which a sphere embraces the points, lines and planes within itself.

Then let one understand that the lower “half” is the mirrored image of the Ineffable above it, below it, surrounding and permeating it simultaneously. One sees then that Da Shan, matter, is at once image of Image and is immersed within the Center of Godhead, “Great Mountain beyond Name.”

Next we perceive that the ideal state to recognize in the human condition is that our Original Identity is unbound by time or space and stands atop Da Shan; that the limited view of ourselves (image of Image) struggling along the slopes of the mountain can call upon the Original, the twin, to carry it quickly to Da Shan's Peak in conscious here-and-now spacial, sequential fact. The fact is, the Original Identity, like the photon, is everywhere in time and space, constantly—there being no human condition we can get into that the Child-Image doesn't know the way out of.

Atop Da Shan, we find ourselves the very Center of Being, the non-spatial point at which Ineffability flows into image beyond—and where image below flows back to Godhead. The “real of us” (Child, Identity, Image of God) is “located” at the very middle of the “X” I asked you to imagine. Where does your world begin, reader, if not right here where your eyes read these words?

This illustration, when understood, shows one at a glance (1) the picture of the world and why it isn't “real,” (2) human experience in time and space, and (3) our sequential journey that comes to an end in time even though it exists forever in timelessness. We can understand that all above Da Shan is Light and all “below” on the slopes merely images of that Light (called “limited light”), making an inward, downward spiral into immeasurable multiplicity, finiteness and stolid darkness. Beneath the peak of the world, tangibility is bathed in the limited, imaged light of Light, finite and in motion, a holographic duplication of the Real. The lord of that duplication is the theological Lucifer, angel of limited light, once chief angel, “fallen from grace” for trying to be God and duplicate His universe. Later we will see that nothing has fallen from grace REALLY, despite theology's sundry interpretations of Holy Writ.

The Glimpses that come to us in our human struggle on the slopes of the world are the ever-present Child of Light-beyond-light breaking through, disclosing an unsuspected wonder of Reality. In truth, these Glimpses are all that's really important in the human experience, all else being the contradistinctory lessons that LEAD to them.

Our prayers, meditations, yearnings, longings, and spiritual leadings are ever directed by Godhead through the Child Us, the Original of Us who resides atop Da Shan in the bosom of God. That Child, like the photon, is everywhere at once in space and time—available instantly to guide us through the necessary “ascent from tangibility.”

“Necessary? The descent isn't real. It never happened!” says the metaphysician only half-correctly, More about this in later pages.

Even now the Child of Us stands atop Da Shan in the very heart of Godhead, the entire world under his foot, free of the imbalances of the slope, free of the human conditions that propel us in one direction or another on the face of Da Shan.

The Child is ever the Christ Light, Soul of OurSelf, capable of hearing our every needful desire along the slopes and absolutely willing to help us make the upward propelling decision and movement on the slope of Da Shan, unavoidable image world of The Discipline. The “discipline of the world” continues until we are atop the mountain in living fact, not mystical or metaphysical profession.

Understand, from the center of the great X where the two mountains touch, downward, there is another light of the world, the limited light of tangibility (appearing to be) claiming to be the reality for the tangible scene. This appearance of limited light is spoken of as the Mist that arose to deceive. That deception is not without God's perfect purpose, as you will perceive for yourself. The limited light we are writing about here is the same light that science says is moving at 186,300 miles per second and illuminates this page as you read.

Even the body that walks the slopes of Da Shan is but a microcosm of Identity, image of the Child-Image of God. The Child is a microcosm of the Real. The physical body of the present reader is quite capable of reaching the top of the mountain of understanding within its lifespan, no matter its age or condition, and in doing so brings attention ever more to the Child-Real, and ever less to the body of flesh. More, we find the physical body's purpose in the tangible world is to do the “will of Godhead.” There are things for the Self-realized to do in the days ahead, and quickly.

For those who attain the peak during this discipline, this lifetime, there comes a moment in time to speak of the Equation—Life's flow into life, Intangibility's flow into the image forms of Tangibility and back again. For a time the Child of us speaks to the entire world, and the world, having become the subjective world of our attainments and learnings, has also become our imaged Selfhood.

Atop Da Shan in living fact, not querulous metaphysical abstraction and profession, we have shrunk egoistically from nothingness to nothingness to consciously be again the Son of God, the Logos to Life. We have ended our descent into the images of tangibility as though they were the reality of Life. Finally, our vision transcends the world's mist and we have realized our Original State, never fallen from grace, never guilty of human atrocities and sin.

Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, we have come to comprehend all the events of our linear lives in time as the Good necessary to bring us consciously into the fullness of the Godhead, bodily. (William Samuel -- 1986)
You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.

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