physical symptoms/sensations of awakening burping and yawnin

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physical symptoms/sensations of awakening burping and yawnin

Post by marvin2k » Sat May 12, 2012 9:36 pm

Hi there all ,

From eckharts teachings and some other reading and questioning i have been doing , i have become aware that going through a process of an awakening from living in a future past orientated duality (being lost in the world of form ) to being more aware and concious could have some wacky effects on the body . As the body moves from a very dense vibrational energy to a lighter less dense vibration there can be a lot of physical disturbances . These physical reactions to a shift in conciousness may be called , vibrational sickness, kundalini crisis , accension symptoms , a healing crisis , breakdown of body armour , and a lot of other things . This is my understanding from what i have read and gone through myself .I dont claim to be an expert , this is just my interpretation .

One symptom that i am dealing with currently is that i have an overwhelming urge to burp / yawn . Its an uncomfortable feeling of trapped air in the throath which I feel an urge to constantly clear , It can be quiet intense and i could spend an hour burping and yawning . I have been checked out medically and im just fine . My instincts tell me that it is one of the physical effects of a shift in conciousness and that it is something my body needs to go through and that i should surrender to it and allow it to happen .

I guess the purpose of this post is that I am wondering if anybody else has dealt with this particular sensation/symptom and if they could share how it went for them , how long it took and maybe some insights into the reason that the body is reacting in this way .

Thanks for reading ,

all the best

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