Are All Paths Leading To The Same Goal ? Anadi

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Are All Paths Leading To The Same Goal ? Anadi

Post by rideforever » Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:41 am

A fantastic discourse by Anadi :

"There is a stereotype seeker who tries to show his broad-mindedness by saying that all paths and teaching lead to the same goal ... ... Nobody even knows where 1 path is leading to - How can you know where ALL paths are leading to ... "

"As general advice to seekers is ... not really trusting any teacher or master who has never had sex. Those who did not experience the fundamental human experience - how can they understand human nature ? They can never understand you ... "

"A seeker of truth will never agree to get stuck on a path or with a teacher when he is not being awakened and no real evolution happening"

"When Osho accused Buddha of being sexually repressed he did not deny his enlightenment, but just pointed out that he was not whole ... - whether it is true or not is another matter" ... 20Goal.mp3
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