The Friction of Life

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The Friction of Life

Post by rideforever » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:51 pm

I have been reading some Fourth Way material of late and finding it interesting.

Gurjieff talks of the friction of life ... many things are happening as you exist in the world and there is the greatest opportunity for growth within worldly life. Becoming deeply aware brings you face to face with reality in such a way as there is friction, the friction of being in contact with it. And the more you are in contact, the more friction.

Sitting here in meditation if I am very very aware then reality grates as it goes through me, there is a friction. It's very different to how it can be sometimes, often meditation can be a relaxed affair but I think then I am not really fully aware.

The awareness when it is deeply in contact with reality is potent almost burning with intensity.
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