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Good advice

Post by falconbrother » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:06 am

Let me start by saying that over the years I have read a lot of books. So, it is not my intention to take any moral high ground here. I'm just sharing what a Buddhist Monk once said to me.

Years ago I had the frequent occasion to be at the Buddhist temple in the city where I used to work. I got to know some of the monks pretty well and loved to talk and spend time with them. They were exceptionally friendly and one guy was freakin hilarious. When I went to see him he would pick on me constantly but, in a most friendly and agreeable way. I would ask him questions and tell him about the books I was reading etc..

One morning during our conversation I was talking about what I read in some Buddhist book (a very good book) and he looked at me very seriously and said: "One of these days you're going to need to put those books down and experience it for yourself". Which, was what I thought I was doing.

I thought about what he said for a while. Then I got a big black garbage bag and filled it up with all my Buddhist and philosophy books and sent them on down the line. For several years I didn't buy or read a book (I did read a ton of stuff on the internet. Hey, addiction is addiction I guess). Anyway, I think he was right. I needed the break. It forced me to do a lot of work, hard work. Books offered my ego a place to land and feel good about playing spiritual. Without the crutches it was less fun for sure.

The next two books I read after a few years off was The Power of Now and A New Earth. I think it worked out really well.. DOH!!

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