Skype Discussion Group Anyone?

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Skype Discussion Group Anyone?

Post by kutto » Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:28 am

Anyone interested in participating in an online discussion group?

I would suggest a semi regular meeting time but no fixed agenda. I attend a local spirituality group each week and it is great because there is no agenda and what comes up comes up and it jumps around all over the place.

Time zones could be interesting as I know we have a few Australian / NZ 'locals' (To me) and plenty from elsewhere - But where everyone??

Anyone let me know if interested and what City you live in so we could have a crack at lining something up that works - A weekend might be best to get something that lines up for as many as possible without interfering with the weekday routine.

Let me know. Topics can be anything at all although it would be spiritual in nature but since that encompasses everything we would be already back at anything at all! If you just want to come and 'listen' thats fine too.

I am happy to coordinate.


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