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Post by Mystic » Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:54 am

Enlightened2B wrote:The LoA teachings of Abraham and the same lineage are really all about spiritual awakening. If we really grasp the nature of their teachings (which many don't unfortunately because of previous belief systems about what the LoA is or is not perhaps based on the mis-representation of it in 'other' spiritual circles), the entire premise is NOT to collect physical manifestations, but actually to connect to who we truly are. It's all about coming back home into alignment with ourselves and realizing how incredibly powerful we all are as creators. Abraham stresses that it is never about the manifestation itself that brings us joy, but the feeling behind the manifestation or what we believe the manifestation will bring to our lives. Therefore, it always comes back to allowing and surrender which is still the focal point of all spirituality. We can only truly know ourselves through surrender and self love. But, an evaluation of belief systems is pertinent (for me it has been at least).
I have not read much about Abraham or even the LoA teachings but it is true that the apparently external world(s) is a reflection of the collective mental states of all life forms in the universe. Science and math have proven to be extremely useful in describing the objective world of perception. The only problem is that the objective arises from the subjective, not the other way around. Fundamentally, reality is subjective and the objective is a collectively shared illusion. Eckhart Tolle mentions the voice of stillness and I have discovered that this is true. There is the non-conceptual intelligence of the universe that is vastly more powerful than the conceptual intellect. When the intellectual ego-mind learns to be a servant, then, the first(ego) shall become last and the last(spirit) shall become first. Theologies and other spiritual teachings are conceptual constructs that can be helpful to a certain extent but then the practicality of spiritual practice is required. Perhaps everyone wakes up at their own pace ...or, the universal mind decides the optimal path ...and for some, it could take many life-times.

I think the more that a person remembers their true origins and spiritual nature of existence then they will start to become incompatible with a physical body. I remember a dream I had where I was locked inside of a machine in some type of an industrial warehouse. The machine had different controls and I could talk to people in other machines with something like a television/radio transceiver. The machine was very cramped and confined and I was constantly looking for an escape hatch. I found a door and was able to get out of my machine. I walked around the warehouse looking at the other machines, then I suddenly remembered that I had an important job to do inside my machine. I could no longer fit within it though because I had grown too big and my machine was too small to fit inside. Dreams are very symbolic and I think those machines were symbolic of our physical bodies here on the earth. I am not sure how reincarnation works but I do recall memories or images from a couple of other life-times. Perhaps loving our neighbor as ourselves is a good thing in this world...

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