It Is Possible I Am Not?

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It Is Possible I Am Not?

Post by Boni » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:59 pm

I'd like to share this, bring this under our attention.
Rather paradoxal to the 'i Am", Gangaji asks:It Is Possible I Am Not?
But very powerfull talk by Gangaji. Recommended.

See: Youtube - It Is Possible I Am Not? (Gangaji)
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"Who are you if there is no dogma, no catechism, no hope, no heaven, no hell, no reincarnation, no tomorrow, no yesterday, no name, no gender, no relationships, no form. What's left?"
- If everything is God’s Will, then there is a ‘total acceptance of what is’.
- Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.
- Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn’t very much. (E.T.)

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