Awakening Detox - Reconnective Healing

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Awakening Detox - Reconnective Healing

Post by EnterZenFromThere » Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:36 pm

Hey everyone,

I noticed a few comments on here lately about the unpleasant side of awakening - which seems kind of like a negative energy cleansing and can be pretty, well, negative!

I'd been going through this recently. Especially, a feeling of dizziness, like I would pass out, especially during stressful or social situations. A friend of mine said she could help. She trained in reconnective healing a while ago and does her own stuff with feeling energy. She worked on me for about an hour. Since then (she did this 2 days ago) I've felt unbelievably grounded. Like I am one with the floor. This feeling intensifies during times when I would have felt dizzy normally. It's like my body's going "look, you aren't dizzy - there's no way you can pass out, you're like a rock!" I feel amazingly confident (in a relaxed and easy way). I feel like I have more energy (after she did it I felt like sprinting down the road!) and the joy I have for life has increased.

Based on this experience, I'd recommend others to explore energy healers as a way of alleviating the less pleasant aspect of the awakening experience. That said, I imagine there is a lot of variation between people who practice healing. My friend is wonderfully humble, yet also direct. And she said her healing is vastly more expansive than, say, Reiki. This is the only healing I've ever had so I don't have anything to compare it to. Do any others out there have any experiences of healing in this way? I hadn't really thought of using it before she suggested it, and have been blown away by the results so wanted to share!



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