"Tickling The Amygdala"

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"Tickling The Amygdala"

Postby ClarityofMoment » Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:20 am

Long story short, I went through a period of intense psychological suffering over the past few weeks, as I began to consciously understand/recognize my Pain-Body,
and after my suffering subsided, I reached a true place of inner peace, joy, and tranquility. Now, with that said, I remembered learning/playing with the Amygdala in the past when I was mentally suffering thinking it was going to "fix" me, so looking back, I think I was messing with it for the "wrong" reasons, I suppose. I chose to "tickle" it an odd amount of nights ago, and I do believe I "popped" my frontal lobe(s). It was an intense sensation. It felt like how others have described it, like a train was traveling through my brain except it was pleasurable. Thanks to ET, I didn't "react" to it and I simply just the experience and sensation be. On a spiritual level, afterward, I felt different. Not "enlightened", but different, in a positive way. I guess what I'm curious about, is was there more to this experience than meets the eye? (no pun intended)
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