has anyone here been able to maintain their awakening?

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Re: has anyone here been able to maintain their awakening?

Post by ClarityofMoment » Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:48 am

I , personally, have learned not to equate the truth with a "feeling", because all feelings and emotions, good or bad, come to pass. I think acceptance of the fact that you may not always be in a state of pure bliss and peace, will provide you with a different kind of peace. Awareness is intimately one with all experience.
"Pervading all that it reaches,
effortless with gentle equality,
the highest mountain, you are there
the lowest valley, you are there,
where I am, you are there,
where you are, I am there"

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Re: has anyone here been able to maintain their awakening?

Post by blissrunn14 » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:39 pm

I have experienced waking up all of a sudden and being in a room I've been in every day for years and seeing it for the first time. Seeing real colors for the first time. Seeing people and knowing things that were always there for the first time. It was EXTREMELY different then how I feel now even if I attempt to be aware of the moment like being aware of my body or something. It has come a very few times and passes after weeks, days or hours. To me this is kind of a big deal and I think it's the state people are referring to when they say they want to awaken and stay that way. I can be aware of the moment right now or try to in my extremely unconscious thought attached state and I'll still feel miserable and in the dark, this is not how I want to stay. I don't mind the pain so much anymore if it comes IF I am detached from it and see it for what it is, then it's not a big deal I can deal, but when I am one with it and in hell I don't want that . I want to be awake and see what is ACTUALLY there and around me.

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