The reality i experience.

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The reality i experience.

Postby jongibirdi1974 » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:09 am

Ive visited this site before and many others ..i have read all the comments and argued and debated till i was tired with it or got kicked off. All i know is the reality i experiene. It would be good to repeat what others have said about peace or being in the moment but thats not always my experience. If you speak from your experience then others may not share that experience or be in a diffrent place, but nobody can argue that it is your experience. I think thats part of the reason ive argued or been kicked off discussion forums. I felt angry that others were pushing their version of events on me..but i too tried to put mine onto others..My experience has been some happiness, flashes of understanding..but also boredom bitterness and a great sense of doubt particularly in other people. I guess its nice to be able to speak from my experience without pretending to know it all. To read others experiences wuthout having to pretend to know the answer.
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