God Created This World or Not

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Re: God Created This World or Not

Post by 3dom » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:22 pm

Hi Brighthope

I have never read ACIM but I have heard it referred too heaps particularly by people like Marrianne Williams and much of the diction she uses has Christian overtones.

I do not know what Tolle's view is on creation but he does speak of an evolution of human consciousness and has also made reference to the Adamic Fall in Eden as the point at which human consciousness began its shift towards increasing dualistic-thinking. He even refers to the Pain Body as having its equivalent in the traditional Christian teaching of original sin. So what I think Tolle has put forward is really an explanation for the origin of the egoic-nature that is at the root of so much suffering in the world. Sure suffering has the potential to lead us into Awareness but only then do we become aware there has been a mistake (ie the ego has duped us for a long long time). I also believe that Leela in Sanskrit refers to Brahmans play through or in each of us. That Brahman gets so involved in the act that Brahman forgets its really just a play. I tend to define this 'forgetting' as something of a slip up ie, a mistake until we are reminded that it is not real and then everything falls into perspective. In Buddhism too it is Maya that is instrumental in keeping us in ignorance so that we remain in Samsara in much the same way haSatan or the Diabolos for many Christians is the great deceiver. I hope you understand my drift but I think it is significant because a reason is posited by these traditions at some level although in varying ways to explain the cause of our ignorance and suffering which is the condition we are in (if you like) by default. I have heard gurus speak of our ignorance as a misfortune - an erroneous state of affairs and all that needs to be done is become away of this mistake. A mistake implies something went wrong along the way and it appears no matter how we cut it - this is a default state for all of us.

After reading what you have said about the ACIM attributing the whole thing to a dream for which God has no knowledge or involvement seems to me to be yet another way to explain away the default state of ignorance (the 'mistake') in human beings by way of an exploratory dream. It sounds almost as if the transcendence of God or his remoteness from this condition in ACIM needs to be preserved at all costs? No doubt this distancing would be something pivotal to the way ACIM addresses its idea of the atonement (assuming of course it has one :-)).

The significance of all this then leads us to the solutions each of these traditions offer as an effective 'way out' or 'staying on the right path'. And as I have read in one of your posts the journey in life you will eventually take will be determined by the option you choose. I hope I did not over-read between the lines and that it in some way helps your searching.
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