Blissed out all the time.

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Blissed out all the time.

Post by ggghhh » Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:45 am

Hello hello. After suffering from severe anxiety and various addictions I had a spiritual experience about 14 years ago. I stopped drinking alcohol and all drugs. I still smoke though. The initial experience was fleeting, but it gave me hope, and also centred me. Prior to this experience my mind's solutions involved more of external things. After this experience I seemed to know what was really missing. My anxiety began to subside. I have in the last few years being going through periods of intense feelings of bliss. However I question myself sometimes. I have no ambition. I have little wealth in comparison to my peers and wonder if I'm actually in someway deluded. During these periods of blissness I am quite self contained and am not concerned with others needs (demands?). If I am in any sort of intimate relationship I can frustrate my partner as all I seem to want do is lie back and just be close without speaking and feel what I'm feeling. I'm wondering if this is self centred? I quit my job a few years ago and travelled for a long time which in terms of personal growth was amazing. I felt I grew more than I had in the previous 10 years. I'm just wondering if other people have this experience solitary spiritualness. I often wonder if I should not be more worried about my future. Am I on the right path? Or am I blissfully making a difficult future for myself....?

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Re: Blissed out all the time.

Post by Webwanderer » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:55 pm

What is the criteria for a successful life? Wealth? Status? Power? I would suggest a successful life is one in which happiness holds a prime spot. It's not that pain and suffering are not legitimate experiences with value in their own right, it's that finding happiness in all our endeavors fulfills the basic criteria of our true nature. That said, if you are not truly happy in your solitude, it may be a message that a fuller engagement with the conditions of your life may be wise.

If something is bothering you about the quality of your relationships, maybe there is more enjoyment to be found in more intimate communications. It can be tough on a partner who desires communication to be left in silence. It's unlikely that you came to this life to only sit in a cave and meditate. This world is dynamic and ripe with opportunity for unique experience. It may be that your concern is reflective of this missing of experiential opportunities. Whatever, feel it out. Let you 'in'stincts guide you.


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