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Re: Vedanta Study at a Distance

Post by dijmart » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:05 am

tjansen"- don't know how to select which posts I want to quote, but I am replying right now to Enlightened2B and dijmart

There's a quote button at the top right corner of posts, but to split it up can be tricky. You could just copy and paste from the original post and put a name in front of it. Highlight the section then hit quote on the page your posting on. I do both.
The comments from both of you have really helped me a lot, mainly by confirming that this is a good course to follow (Vedanta with James and Ted).
I got the info about Vedanta (james Swartz and Ted) from a moderator here named Runtrails (RT for short). She talked about it on and off for a long time, but i must not have been ready, because it didn't appeal to me enough to even look into it until almost a year ago. When the student is ready, the teaching/teacher will appear.
I am just learning to apply discrimination to my ongoing life.
We all have to start somewhere. I've been at this spiritual thang for 7 years. Yes, the awakening started a while back, but always one step forward, two steps back or so it seemed, until this year. To be completely honest, I had a few setbacks recently where Samsara tried it's hardest to suck me back into the abyss of total ignorance, but it was temporary and although thoughs issues still persist, Im not bothered. I do what's needed medically and leave the rest up to Ishvara.

I am really beginning to love Vedanta's results. In the last three days I have had two occasions when inquiry / discrimination saved my emotional ass
Hehe, I love that!
Right now my task is to keep going as well as reminding myself that, just like I am not the one experiencing fear and depression when that occurs, I also am not the one experiencing the relief of same or the morning bliss party.
Correct! Self realization happens with in the intellect, the discriminating part if the mind, where you recognize the reflection of awareness in the subtle body. This recognition allows the intellect to "realize" its true nature as awareness. As the refection is, for all intensive purposes as good as the original. With that self knowledge you know you are not the apparent person you seem to be (mind, body, sense complex), but full, complete, unconcerned, ordinary, non dual awareness.
I still haven't learned that everyone else is not necessarily going to be thrilled with my agenda
Your right about that! I think the inspiration must come from within, causing one to become a "seeker", so they would need some kind of spirituality vasana to be even interested. For example, my husband has a bowling vasana. He bowls twice a week and loves it. He bought me a bowling ball a few years back thinking that would make me like just collected dust. I don't have a bowling vasana.

Thanks for your encouragement and very helpful comments along the way.
You betcha :)

I've never read anything from Dennis Waite perhaps I'll look into him one of these days.

Take what you like and leave the rest.

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