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The Universe is a Mind

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:56 am
by Mystic
I was thinking about how mind is reality. Objective reality emerges from vibrations at the Planck scale. At that scale, reality is non-local and subjective. There are no hidden variables so the only possible answer is that at those scales reality is a subjective Mind.There is nothing to observe in the formless non-conceptual thought realm at these extremely small scales where measurement is impossible. Everything is connected, we are all one; universal oneness. The objective world is a hologram, a projection from the Planck scale of space and time. Reality at that scale is the Mind of God and thoughts of God are vibrations. All minds are vibrating at this small scale of space-time. Reality of the objective world is a hologram projection. Some might call it an illusion but it seems real enough :lol:

Spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and loving your neighbor as yourself, tune our thoughts to resonate with the Mind of God.

Re: The Universe is a Mind

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:17 am
by Mystic
Monkey mind, ... 45793.html

When the mind begins to be cleared of "monkey mind" thoughts, then it can tap into the direct intuitive knowledge of the quantum realm, or metaphorically the "Q-field" as in the Q of Star Trek, or the Mind of God. This intuitive knowledge is non-conceptual.

I sometimes wonder about reincarnation. I have flashes of memory of what could be different lifetimes. In a recent vision I was a knight in the crusades. In another flash of memory, I was a Buddhist monk at a temple.

It seems that when the physical body dies, this quantum information(soul) returns back to the formless realm of the Planck scale.

Ascension would be that when the body becomes filled with light, that is to say the space within every atom of the body is resonating with synchronized Planck scale vibrations and the body disappears in a flash of light. This flash of light can leave a photographic imprint like the shroud of Turin.