Resistance question :)

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Resistance question :)

Post by Lunchbox » Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:17 pm

Hello forum members!

Since I'm in summer break, I've been lurking and reading up this forum as well other spiritual mediums.

I have a question that regards on life experience manifestations, such as emotions, life situations, and physical manifestations.

Are thoughts ultimately a form of resistance to one's life flow? Such as when applying the law of attraction?

Many manifestation gurus state that for the initial stages of manifestations thoughts and feelings are an important factors that will help you manifest any preferred desire. Then, for my desired manifestation will show up in "the path of least resistance".
And for us to enable a "path of least resistance" the best given advise is: "go with current river flow, don't swim against it". Be at peace! Calm your mind down!

So wait..... thoughts are a needed tool to manifest any desire, but yet thoughts can become a resistance barrier for our desires to manifest? :? :?

Any thoughts on this subject, forum members? :D :D :D :D

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Re: Resistance question :)

Post by Webwanderer » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:14 pm

Lunchbox wrote:Are thoughts ultimately a form of resistance to one's life flow? Such as when applying the law of attraction?...

...So wait..... thoughts are a needed tool to manifest any desire, but yet thoughts can become a resistance barrier for our desires to manifest? :? :?
My take is this: Thoughts are the directors of manifesting energy, but mostly to the degree that one believes the thoughts one holds. In that respect thoughts can be a form of resistance to what one desires as our beliefs are the thoughts that are actually presumed to be true regardless of any preferred thought that has no real belief supporting it. Affirmations are examples that are often limited in this way. Assumptions are stronger focusers of thought than desires because our assumptions are closer to personal truths than are affirmations.

It's really about whether one can believe the thoughts one is practicing. To hold a thought that "I can walk on water" may be ultimately true, but do I actually believe that or is it lip service? One attempt while feeling what we actually believe will be obvious. On the other hand, to hold the thought "I can swim to the other side" is likely much more believable and therefore more likely attainable. When it comes to creating our own reality, what do we actually believe? That is the true creative thought.

In the conscious application of the Law of Attraction (we all do it unconsciously), it's critical to be in alignment with our True Nature when imagining how we want things to be. In this clear alignment we know all things are possible. Therefore what we imagine to be, is more believable and begins to supplant our currently manifesting belief structure. Also, it's not just what we think, but what we feel. Beliefs have a feeling nature to them that gives them power.

When exploring what you want to see manifest in your living environment, feel what that thought reality is like, even if only in imagination. Again, being in clear alignment makes a big difference. Assume what you desire to be an actual part of your life and let go of contradictory thoughts. Have fun with it. Appreciation of life as it is, and enjoyment of your dreams, will bring the two together in manifested experience.


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Re: Resistance question :)

Post by EnterZenFromThere » Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:06 pm

I think of the mind as the surface of an ocean. Desires and thoughts are essentially the same. They both create turbulence in the mind. If the mind is still, we can create something like throwing a stone into the water. If still the water ripples out clearly and our desire completes easily. If our mind is turbulent with thought/desire throwing a stone into the water creates and ripple but it is disrupted by all the other mental movement and the desire is unlikely to complete.

Some thoughts increase turbulence. Others decrease it, making the mind more still. By using a practice that creates many stilling thoughts in the mind the turbulence of the mind decreases. This makes it easier for desires to be fulfilled. However, if the desire is one that creates turbulence then there won't be much lasting effect as the mind will once again become disturbed. It is by using our desires to still the mind and increase our creative potential AND THEN use this creativity to still the mind further that we make deeper progress.

Being open and sincere with the true nature of our thoughts will help us understand what we are actually manifesting and alter our thoughts as appropriate to move toward stillness rather than turbulence.

We may imagine that using the gift of manifestation to create material or personal things will bring us happiness, but this is a mistake. It is in using manifestation to LET GO of the material and personal that will lead to a much deeper and truer happiness. By letting go of our exclusive identity as a single human body and mind that we are able to become what we truly are - the divine emptiness that is simultaneously this exclusive human being, this infinite ever changing relativity and this infinite never changing spirit. The child, the parent and the holy spirit.

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