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Re: Question to Ponder

Post by Enlightened2B » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:21 pm

The way I see it is that what we call 'life' ('external reality'), is simply a manifestation of imagination. But, who or what's imagination? Can it simply be imagination itSelf? I don't know if you want to call it consciousness or awareness or Being. But, it is that (awareness, consciousness) which is the aspect of this Pure Being or Pure Energy that chooses to experience ANYTHING. It is this space in which everything happens, which is our true essence.

Yet, why would anything manifest if there wasn't........DESIRE. Desire is the essence of life. Without desire, there would BE no life. But, I'm not talking about desire as in attachments to survival things. I'm talking a desire that comes from the spiritual heart of who we truly are. It takes a real commitment to being in silence and listening to your heart to really know what it is that you truly DO want. These kinds of insights from our intuition cannot happen from a lower vibration of fear. You can't access that information from there. I've seen this time and time again in my own experience. Trying to find the answers when I am in a state of fear and worry. It just does not work.

We each have this desire to express our self fully through this human vehicle, because physical life IS an expression of the divine. I see human life as simply a canvas of art for OUR creation and that's all it is meant to be, aside from the countless other stories we tell about 'why we are here'. We all experience trauma in our lives, often as children, because it is THIS contrast which paves the way for greater desires to express themselves. With the experience of chronic illness and not loving myself throughout much of my young life, I have over the past year especially, had the beautiful journey of learning what true self love is, which I never would have gotten to experience without the childhood insecurities and eventually chronic illness that I have experienced. Later in life when those desires are trying to come through us, we all start to experience old beliefs that get triggered with painful emotions that rise to the surface? Why is THIS here? It's called Resistance. Resistance is the human survival mechanism's fear that allowing who we truly are to express itself is "dangerous" because of previous beliefs that our limbic systems have interpreted life through.

So, resistance (painful emotions, negative thoughts, etc) are not things to be gotten rid of, nor are they signs that we are not evolved enough contrary to what countless spiritual teachings tell us, nor are they problems in our lives. They are an intentional aspect of the human design in order to allow a delay in manifestation. Consider that in the non physical, your thoughts or beliefs manifest instantaneously. Without the human resistance factor, it would be the same here, but we WANT the experience "not having something" while we are here in this human life, in order to appreciate the thrill of actually having it. We WANT the experience of believing we are separate people in order to greatly appreciate the spiritual awakening to who we truly are. Without resistance, physical life could not have any intended effect.

So, resistance is simply scared, aspects of our dear nervous systems/inner childs (some call it that "demon ego" lol) that is simply calling out to be heard, and soothed. Releasing resistance is the only true spiritual inner work that is ever really needed. That often involves an examination of our beliefs and a creation of new beliefs.

When we shut ourselves off from who we truly are (afraid to express ourselves out of fear of rejection, feel like we have to be perfectionists and achieve mass success in order to be happy, etc), the flow of energy get cut off, and we live our lives based on other people's expectations of us because of poor survival mechanisms do not feel that life is safe. Spiritual awakening for me has been first realizing who and what I truly am from the level of I AM, and more recently, really connecting to that deeper essence of passion and desire that has been longing to express itself in my life. There is a reason each of us here. Not a 'grand purpose' necessarily as some believe, but a theme that drew up a desire in us "before" we chose to come here that we knew that this particular human life would bring us further expansion in a greater sense. Meaning, there are aspects of human life that draw our attention as spiritual beings, not because we NEED the experiences to learn something or evolve, but simply because we find them intriguing! We then choose to explore those aspects because the themes intrigue us and give us an entirely different perspective (which we could not have from the perspective of spirit where there is no separation), which we then can create something perceived to be new. Human life is simply an exploration in perspective and only perspective.

You see, without the experience of 'other' there can be no understanding of anything. In Pure spirit, everything is already known. We know everything that can possibly exist from our own minds. But, having the EXPERIENCE of it adds an entirely new dimension to it.

So, calming our nervous systems with complete and utter self love to allow it to see that life is not really that scary anymore is an essential step in realizing that we don't have to believe old beliefs anymore. When we were vulnerable children, the world seemed like a scary place of separation, but that belief is a past belief and is no longer relevant.

So, what then, IS this human experience? Some believe it's a prison and that we are trapped here until we find our way out. Some believe it's a form of punishment from an external God that apparently hates us so much that it forces us to live out experiences until we evolve enough to become one with God. Some believe that we choose to come here out of love for saving the planet. Some believe we choose to come here in order to evolve the whole. What if it were all so much simpler than that? Of course these TOO are just more stories we create.

But, that is precisely why we are here as I see it! We are here to create stories. And then live out those stories. Why is that? Because it is (get ready for it).....FUN. Yes, human life is supposed to be fun and thrilling. There is nothing, but creation happening here. Creation from an infinite potential. Anything we can think up within the imagination of this infinite potential of consciousness can be explored, simply because eternity is quite a long time and just like we create games in our imagination as children, we do the same from a larger perspective.

We develop beliefs from our conditioning that life is supposed to go this way or that way, not realizing that, nothing inherently has any objective meaning, until we apply that meaning. It's such a wild, but liberating realization when you truly grasp it as I have done in my own life. When you see your thoughts causing suffering to you because of previous meanings you've applied to life. All you have to do is become aware of your thoughts and realize you never have to believe a single thought, and then start to create new meanings. What feelings bring you joy and excitement in your life? Visualize something with those feelings in my mind and then let go of any attachment to it.

If we consider that we are creating (manifesting) every single nano second, how powerful does that make us to realize that we can create anything we so choose simply by the meanings we apply to it.

So, the question the human experience an illusion of reality? I will say that human life is simply an exploration in imagination. Yes, it's not real from a greater sense as every NDE'r has come to realize, but it offers up so much opportunity for the expansion of our imagination. After all, what IS expansion? It's not a hierchiel process. It's simply an ever increasing "expansion" of our own imagination (own meaning Consciousness itself) through the thinking up of any and every potential reality. Anything and everything already exists as I see it as a potential. It is up to us, to align with that potential reality. The art of allowing is the essential basis for all of this.

I'm going to share my blog piece on this subject matter that I wrote last spring when I was gaining further clarity.

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Re: Question to Ponder

Post by Enlightened2B » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:23 pm

Here's my blog piece on this or part of the blog article I wrote:
Have you versed the spiritual landscape recently? Have you seen what's out there within the new age sector? Have you encountered the vast array of fear based perspectives from every possible point of perception of the wild imaginative human mind? How does it all make you feel? Does it make you feel like pulling your hair out of your head?

Well, that's ok. You're not alone. The incessant splatter of self improvement teachings and spiritual "ascension" teachings and notions of enlightenment, are enough to make any person feel as though they are insignificant and lacking. A year ago, my interest had exploded in so many different areas. I explored past life regression and reincarnation and many other areas of spirituality, and they all served wonderful pointers on my path, until I finally realized that most of it no longer resonated with where I am at now.

There's literally only one thing in my life that matters more than anything right now. One thing. And that one thing is......JOY. Finding anything in my life that brings me JOY. There are so many guidance tools while we are here to let us know if we are on the path of alignment or not alignment. It is when we are truly feeling this incredible deep, profound sense of Joy that we know we are living life from an authentic place of who we truly are. When we are unhappy, miserable, joy less, it's a sign that we are living life based on the story we have created through our thought patterns, in other in time.

For so long, I believed that finding joy would be brought to me when I evolved to a certain spiritual status beyond this "primitive state" I am currently experiencing at. I believed it was outside of myself through some spiritual force running through the universe. I saw all of the flaws within myself as something that needed healing and improving. My body being out of whack was a sign that I had not evolved to a high enough spiritual state in order to overcome this. I was a victim. Trying to piece together how one thing related to the next thing. Trying to comprehend and analyze those incessant thoughts playing over and over and over in my mind. This same story played like a record in a circular motion, that was so hypnotizing, so gravitational in its pulling, like a black hole sucking me in, that anything beyond that record player seemed incomprehensible and nonsensical and scary. Each thought played out unconsciously with a strong emotional charge triggering my nervous system and in turn keeping my body in anything but a homeostatic state. I was believing a false story that I had literally created through years of my life, and this story was manifesting as illness in my body and externally as well.

Folks, we have no idea how powerful we are with our thoughts and beliefs and simple statements such as 'I CAN AND I WILL' contrasted with "I CAN'T AND I WON'T'. Two simple statements, yet with the weight of our entire lives settling between and underneath both of them. Whichever one we believe, will ultimately manifest in our lives. The teachings on law of attraction are so vastly mis-understood because of the generic premise that often undermine the basis, and many people simply interpret it to mean "If I think it, it will come". No, that's not how the law of attraction works. The law of attraction is operating every second of our lives. But, it is all based on beliefs. Our thought patterns are called "patterns" for a reason. They are the same habitual thoughts playing out in our experiences because we've thought them so many times, we have now taken them to be true. This is what beliefs are. Every belief we hold on to, carries a vibration relative to it. This vibration plays out incessantly in our experience. Every one of us, has a unique vibration that we enter into life with. That is the vibration of our natural Spirit. Yet, that vibration gets changed constantly throughout our lives here on Planet Earth when we take on beliefs that are not resonant with who we truly are.

We are not human beings trapped in a world of victim hood. Nor are we here on this planet because we are cycling through some nonsensical, incomprehensible cycle of reincarnation.

We are powerful creators who choose to come here out of love. Love for experiencing this vast landscape of Planet Earth through the lens of consciousness and nothing other than consciousness. Love for the opportunity to create something new. Every experience contributes to our eternal, infinite expansion. What is expansion? Expansion is not a hierarchical process of evolution. Within the mind of a child, there is always an opportunity for another game to be created, if the child gets bored with the initial game. Therefore, there are endless and infinite games, this child can potentially create with her own imagination. Just the same with Source, there is infinite terrain to explore within the mind of imagination. There are endless perspectives to explore. Each perspective offers a different viewpoint for Source to explore itself and create. Therefore, each perspective contributes to the infinite, eternal expansion of this Pure Awareness. Expansion is endless, because creation and exploration is endless. How it could not be in a reality built on imagination?

If we stopped each day and became aware incessantly of our thought patterns through meditation and/or through constant mindfulness throughout the day as though our lives depended on it, and really came to see what thoughts and beliefs we were holding on to, we would come to see something truly remarkable. We would come to connect with this vast Space of Being and we would see that our thoughts are playing out like a story over and over and over again within this space of Awareness, and the reason they are playing out that way, is because we have come to identify with them as "who we truly are" and therefore we continue to give them power as truth. We have allowed those thoughts to become ingrained in our brains as neural pathways and as the dominant vibration we are projecting in our every day realities. None of it and I mean none if it is true as I have come to see in my own life.

Who are we then when all of the stories continue to fall away?

There is only one "thing" that is left over and that is this Existence itself. Not even "I AM", but simply 'AMness". The 'I' is a unique perspective of this AMness, but this AMness is all there is. It is pure, divine, all encompassing, all allowing Space and is what we were, are, and always will be regardless of how lost we find ourselves within the story of our minds. There is only utter perfection in this vast space of Being. Completeness, wholeness, needing nothing other than to Be as it already is, beautifully, divinely and lovingly as its nature.

This AMness is merely creating this entire landscape through its own imagination infinitely over and over and over again through an infinite cycle of life and death and an infinite number of perspectives in order that it can create something. Creation is the nature of expression. Awareness can do nothing other than simply BE. Yet, through the mind of imagination, Awareness can become "something" and as well, anything it so chooses. And therefore, it imagines itself to be a separate character with its own free will to create anything it so chooses. Reality is ultimately an empty canvas of consciousness until, we (the perspectives/characters of this one awareness) create this reality through own desires. We are those characters within the mind of this one Awareness that has been given full free will to create life as we choose. Yet, if we go deeper into our experience, we come to see that we are also this vast Pure Awareness as well at our core. There is really nothing more to life than simply exploration, through experiential creation....infinitely. Folks, WE are the ones who give life meaning. It is through our own belief systems, where we manifest reality. Life is simply a play of imagination; an empty canvas until, we as the artists, create something beautiful, and we are free to dream up any reality we so choose. Reality is like a piece of plastic, just like our brains. Nothing is solid, and objective. But, all malleable to our own beliefs.

If we understand the context of what contrast truly is, we could have a greater grasp at what reality is and a greater understanding as to how to live life from a place of joy. The duality of physical life brings with it contrast. Contrast is the spring board of experience for our own desires. We could not possibly experience anything without the birth of a desire and also without the experience of the opposite. Traumatic experiences and chronic illness as difficult as they are to assimilate from our limited human perspectives have such a vastly different understanding from the higher perspective of the soul and the Higher Self than the limited perspective of the human left brain which always believes itself to be separate from everything else and therefore sees itself as a victim and sees life happening TO it and is incredibly resistant to experiences that don't 'feel good'. Of course, the limited human mind, does not realize that we, ourselves, are literally creating reality. Every experience we come to have here on on this planet is always an opportunity to experience our true nature through the limited vehicle of human life, and create something beautiful from that conscious place of joy. Life itself with its contrast are the spring boards of desire for us to experience the direct contrast that will enable us to live out this desire through our creative exploratory potential. However, this only happens, when we can become conscious enough of our thought patterns where we realize we don't have to EVER align with a negative thought again or believe a negative thought. We literally never ever have to indulge in those negative thinking patterns if we choose not to, if we can become aware enough to see that all thoughts are just thoughts and nothing more. And when we can start to do that, we can actually change the cellular and genetic structures of our bodies.

Our human animal or survival mechanism is not supposed to control us (although it thrives on control and hates to lose control). We, are the conscious experiencers who, through our own ability to connect with that deeper space of Awareness, can always take the reins of these human vehicles and literally change the entire cellular and genetic structures of these bodies (epigenetics) through our own powerful thoughts and beliefs.

Positivity is the nature of Source Awareness. Positive thinking is mis-understood in pop spiritual teachings. Many teach that negative thinking is wrong or bad and that we should only think positively. Granted, positivity has proven itself enough health wise, where there is no question the incredible impact it has on our lives. The reason it has this impact on our lives when used properly is because the true nature of Source is always unconditionally loving. However, there is no negative aspect of our experience either in reality.

Negative thoughts/illness/ negative emotions are beautiful intended experiences as they are the contrasting tools that we use to find our way "home". Without contrast, we could never experientially know ourselves in the same way, we know ourselves as simply Light itself. Light only knows Light, because Light is all there is. Yet, Light contrasted with darkness brings an entirely new dimension of experiential knowing for this Light. It experiences itself as something perceived to be "not itself" in order for it to create "something", when in reality that "something" is just a figment of imagination as there is nothing but, pure Light or Awareness in reality. Everything within that Light is just a creation of its own mind. But, that aside, Light cannot create within only Light. Light needs something other than Light to create a perceived "other". Darkness is that contrast that offsets Light and offers it the greater opportunity to explore itself in an entirely different type of way and create something beautiful from there. And most of all, offers the Light to allow its true nature (as Light) to shine through within the darkness in any opportunity and any experience. It's just a game that Light plays with itself. Not because it needs to grow, not because it needs to learn. These are simply human ideas we add on. Light is already perfect and whole as it is. Look within yourself and dis-identify from your thoughts and find an imperfection. Anything you come up just another thought. Light simply does this perhaps because Light is curious about what it might be like to be something OTHER than Light for an imagined temporary blip of 'time'.

So, when you are so consumed with negativity, you don't realize you are not the darkness itself and therefore, any idea of "choice" seems lost. But, this is part of the game. Even a negative thought is simply another opportunity for us to embrace lovingly those scared, fearful aspects of our inner child (the ego mechanism), holding it like a child, rocking it softly and soothing it, and understanding most of all, where those negative thoughts stem from without actually going into those thought create realities, and understanding that they only stem from a survival mechanism always looking out for our best interests, a survival mechanism that is pertinent to our physical existence. This is how we let the Light in. And yet at the same time, you'll notice, those thoughts always stem from fear. It's the human mind mechanism of trying to control, afraid of losing control, afraid of being insignificant, always feeling lack. This is simply the human animal mind. But, we are not that. We have taken on this persona by believing these thoughts for so long, instead of waking up from this mass dream of consciousness and taking control of our lives by realizing, so powerfully and in such a liberating way, that we don't have to live that life anymore!

My own illness through chronic fatigue has allowed me to see that self love was the greatest aspect of my experience that was lacking and a potential greater theme as to why I got sick in the first place. I omitted that inner pain and did anything to get away from it, because I saw it as something 'wrong' and "the enemy". Yet, I didn't see its value in allowing me to create this life I am currently living. There is no enemy. All negativity is an opportunity to embrace a different point of view. Understand, when I say embrace pain, I don't mean indulge in negative thinking patterns, but instead, lovingly approach those thoughts from an understanding place, from a place of a nurturing mother. Embrace those feelings within the body without putting attention on to the thought pathways.

Now, when negative thoughts come up, I am learning more and more to accept them and love them, but most of all, not indulge in them. It's a hard process for me for sure, but I have never been as dedicated to this as I am right now. My physical life here is constantly changing from something I once deemed as "impossible" to something I now view as "inevitable" in a good way through constantly becoming aware of my thought patterns, breaking thought patterns that are based in fear, separation and lack, and lovingly accepting them, and aligning with new patterns that are more aligned with my true nature......which is always joy and positivity. I have and will once again get consumed within the story, but I know it will be less and less. I see no reason to live any more of my life from any other place than a place of joy. I am staying further and further away from material that brings fear into my life and that doesn't align with me and sticking to material that empowers me and resonates to the core of my Being.

Our true nature is this space of Pure Awareness. Within this space anything is possible. It is entirely up to us to create the best reality we choose for as long as we are here in this temporary blip of a human life. You are literally not here to do anything other than create a life that brings you joy. Any other teaching that claims otherwise is based in its own conceptual deception and belief system. You are perfect, beautiful and whole already. Simply allow yourself to realize that! So, why not make your life into something wonderful? That's all we need to do while we are here.

And yet through all of this, there is a background space that is unchanged and never will change. This is the ground of being. This is who I truly am. This is the space in which this entire dream is taking place. The space within which the apparent free will of this apparent separate entity takes place. I am the soul who is creating this reality and making choices, and yet, I am the space of awareness through which this creation is taking place as well which makes no choices, but to simply allow with love. It all starts with realizing......everything is always.....OK. When you make it realize there is nothing that is not ok.

The further and further away from the story I get, the more I realize how life looks completely different as I look to create an entirely new story for the rest of my physical life here. When I step out of those thought patterns, it's as if I am experiencing who I truly am..........for the first time.

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Re: Question to Ponder

Post by Mystic » Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:24 am

Webwanderer wrote:
Mystic wrote:An illusion is a lie so what is the truth?
Thanks for your response Mystic. There are many ways to characterize illusion. Certainly 'a lie' is one, but it seems a bit harsh to paint all illusion as such. Take art for example. A sculpture of a man or woman may be just an illusion of a person, but it is also a creation of beauty in its expression. So too then is the entire human experience. While it may be a 'lie' in one context, it is a magnificent creation in another.

The good news is that we each get to choose how we see it. Making a clear distinction for the quality of our own experience is a gift worth exercising. No doubt we have been programmed by our environmental upbringing to an extent, but that does not negate our ever present ability to choose a new meaning for the elements of life and the human experience altogether.
I suppose you could characterize an illusion as an incomplete or partial truth. The ego is like a belief that I am somehow lacking. Like a belief that I need more of something in order to be whole and complete. This belief-personality can never be happy as it is ever searching and never finding. But what if I am already whole and complete, that is to say I am a whole and complete mind that is in need of nothing. Therefore I need nothing and I can share everything.

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Re: Question to Ponder

Post by smiileyjen101 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:31 am

ww said: Those who have had NDE's/TDE's consistantly report full and clear recall of the life experiences they have had. And it's more than just memories for them. It's actual reliving of the events from a greater consciousness perspective. Experience remains forever. My sense is that it is a key component of 'reality'.
ww asked: Here's a fun little consideration. Is this human experience the 'illusion of reality', or the 'reality of illusion'? Or maybe something else entirely?
For me, it's awareness, and awareness of awareness, or lack of.

Neither and both reality and/or illusion in various measures and perspectives. An illusion is perceived in limited perspective, much like our experiences that generate opinions based on bias within the experience, rather than awareness of ultimately equilibrium within them.

In my nde, it was the explosion of awareness that was enlightening. How can you have a bias when you see it all? There are no sides to take in equilibrium, there is just awareness of the balance of it.

Not that what I had become aware of was more real, for it always is what it is, but more that I was more widely aware of the elements eternally feeding in and out of them. In natural consequence one realises that they truly had once been blind to much of it.

Wider perspective = less illusion more awareness.
Awareness of awareness, and our human limitations, feeds itself.

So for me the human experience is both, to varying degrees.

Love your playing webby :)
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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