Mantras to Meditate On?

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Rubber Soul
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Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by Rubber Soul » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:23 pm

Any mantras you guys would suggest?

So far I've got "your life situation exists in time, your life is now, your life situation is mind-stuff, your life is real." "surrender in the present moment so that you're aligned with life as it arises" "I am the unborn, unmanifest, uncreated"

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by runstrails » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:30 pm

Good topic.

For me mantras seem to arise spontaneously:

I am awareness (aham brahmasmi)
I am the light (om jyotir aham)
I am freedom
I am
I am fullness (purna)
This (whatever is happening) is Ishvara's world

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by eputkonen » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:38 pm

Rubber Soul wrote:Any mantras you guys would suggest?
Om / Aum

~ Eric Putkonen

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by borris83 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:00 pm

Om / Aum
Yep... Chanting 'Aum' will definitely help... When you chant, observe where the sound arises in your body and where it ends.. Be conscious of the sound and the feeling of the sound in your body. You can do this exercise for 15 minutes everyday along with witnessing your thoughts or breath the other times during the day. Om chanting and humming has been a part of meditation techniques suggested by most of the enlightened masters, especially in India. 'Aum' is the sound of existence itself....

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by painBody » Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:27 am

How about "I don't need mantras, I need presence" ?

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by dijmart » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:44 pm

painBody wrote:How about "I don't need mantras, I need presence" ?
How about, " I AM presence/awareness, any mantras happen within me".
Take what you like and leave the rest.

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by Onceler » Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:44 pm

I am. I am somebody. I am nobody. I am somebody. I am.

Er, sorry, I guess this was for serious inquires only. The above sequence, and its many variations, is just a typical day for me.....
Be present, be pleasant.

Rubber Soul
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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by Rubber Soul » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:01 am

Onceler wrote:I am nobody.
Do you think "I am nobody in particular" would be a good one?

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Re: Mantras to Meditate On?

Post by borris83 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:15 am

I would like to add an excerpt from Osho's talks. He talks about the significance of "Aum". It is from the book "Vedanta - Seven Steps to Samadhi":

"This word aum is very symbolic. First, this word aum consists of
three sounds: a, u, m. These three sounds are the basic sounds, all the sounds are created out
of them. All the languages, all the words, are created out of these three sounds: a, u, m. And this
is not a myth, now phonetics agrees that these are the basic root sounds. And the word aum is
meaningless, it is simply a combination of all the three basic sounds.

Hindus say that aum is the sound of existence, and then it divides in three: a, u, m, and then the
three become many. From one, three; from three, many and millions. Now even science agrees that
there is only one energy in existence; that one energy is divided in three. You may call it electron,
proton and neutron; you may call it a, u, m; you may call it the Christian trinity: God, the Son, the
Holy Ghost; you may call it the Hindu trimurti: Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu – whatsoever the name, the
name is irrelevant, but one thing is certain: one becomes three, and then three becomes many.
And if you want to move backwards to the one, move from the many to three and then let the three
combine – it will become one. Aum is a way, it is a mantra, a path, to combine all the sounds in
three, to first reduce all the sounds to three – and then aum becomes the door for the one.
And this has been the experience of all the mystics all over the world, not only Hindus. They all
have the same experience. They may have interpreted it differently. Mohammedans, Christians,
and Jews end their prayers with amen. Hindu mystics say it is the same, aum. They interpreted
differently, because the sound can be interpreted in many ways. You are traveling in a train and you
can interpret the sound of the train in many ways; you can even feel that there is a song going on,
because the interpretation is yours – sound is not creating the interpretation, the mind is creating
the interpretation. Hindus say it is like aum; Christians, Jews, and Mohammedans have felt it as
aumen, or amen.

English has three or four words which are mysterious for linguists. They are omnipotent,
omnipresent, omniscient, and such words. They cannot reduce them to any logical order. What
does omnipotent mean? And from where does omni come? It comes from the Hindu word aum.
What does omniscient mean? From where does the word omni come? Linguists have no way to
explain it, these words have remained unexplained in English. But if you can understand aum then
those words become clear, because aum is the symbol of the universe for Hindus. So omnipotent
means one who knows all, one who is all-powerful; omnipresent means one who is everywhere
present – present in the aum, seeing the aum, powerful like the aum.

If you enter deeper meditation soon you will realize that a sound is continuously happening there.
It is the sound of existence itself, the humming sound of existence itself. And if you listen without
interpreting it, if you don’t force any interpretation on it, if you simply listen and watch and observe,
sooner or later you will realize it is aum vibrating inside."

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