The knower and the known

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The knower and the known

Post by dijmart » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:29 pm

As the knower (awareness), we are aware of the known (objects -ie. The person and the world). Objects are created from, made out of awareness, but pure awareness is not an object. Objects are ever changing, but pure awareness remains the same. Therefore, objects depend upon pure awareness for there existence, much like a hologram.

We are not the experiencer or what is experienced. We are the unchanging awareness aware of them both! Without you (awareness) there would be neither experiencer or experience.

So, when we identify with the experiencer as "I" this is a mis-understanding. We are associated with the experiencer by virtue of never being seperate from it, but we are "never" changing, while the experiencer is "always" changing. So, there is a life being lived and the one aware of it all.

I'm not trying to lecture here, perhaps just solidifying it within my own intellect... as ignorance is hard wired!

Thanks for reading!
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