Studying abstract subjects

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Studying abstract subjects

Post by trocchietto » Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:26 pm

HI All,
Nice Forum.

I am a coder, and work hard also 13 hours per day.
I love my work, but still is really challenging to read and understand a lot of technical documentation.

In the Eckhart books and on the internet I cannot see how to manage long study/coding session.
I could surrender as he explain, but then I do not get the concepts, to learn abstract concept an "efforce" is due, I read about when he says we could be anchored to the body, that is a great way to not think..
but I have to think for long hours.. and if I bring my attention inside my self I cannot concentrate on what I reading. Same happens when I have to bring all my attention to the task at the hand.

Do you have similar experiences?

thank you

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Re: Studying abstract subjects

Post by Mystic » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:40 pm

Hello trocchietto :)

Learning is like habits, for example when we learn to ride a bike or tie our shoes, then we never forget.

The "Art of Study" by Prentice Mulford

Every person, to learn quickly, must learn to throw himself
in a certain mood of mind. That is the mood of serenity and
repose. It is exactly the opposite to the mood in which children
often “study” their lessons. To “study” hard, or to “study” in a
hurry, is a vain attempt to force memory to do a certain work
in a certain time.

If you would learn any art, learn it in your own way. Learn
in the manner your inspiration suggests to you. Don’t mind
what is said to you about the necessity of being “well grounded”
in certain rules which must be taught you by others. It is true
that you must so be “well grounded.” But that is exactly what
your spirit can best and quickest teach you. The spirit will make
its own rules. Left to itself, it will strike out new and original
methods. Rules already made never taught Shakspeare, Byron,
Burns, or Napoleon. They trusted to their interior power, the
interior suggestions concerning methods.

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Re: Studying abstract subjects

Post by trocchietto » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:36 am

Dear Mysticus, thank you for your insightful reply
(the site you gave me has some nice Dutch ebooks as well, and I read in Dutch also, super great or as Dutch say bedankt that is be(ing ) dankt( the thank) :x :lol: )

Please give me three days to mingle the teaching of Eckhart, to the first class New Thought thinker, and my findings.

This an important karmic point life is giving to me

Will come back to you

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Re: Studying abstract subjects

Post by trocchietto » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:48 am

Now after some time I am kind of working this out, I received great benefit from the Mysticus suggestion, the Eckhart philosoophy, some Zen short stories, and some Osho quotes. I can now say that I understand better the subject I study. The power of Now has indeed great transformational possibilities because awaken the one special awareness.

I discovered that even if I am self centered into my self, that is not necessary awareness. This gave me the possibility to open a new topic. As our aim is spiritual I am going to switch the subject with a new topic.

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