ASTROLOGY - a tool for psychological and spiritual growth.

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ASTROLOGY - a tool for psychological and spiritual growth.

Post by dixita » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:14 pm

These are my views on astrology as someone who came to it from a psychological perspective, primarily informed by the work of C G Jung.
Astrology is primarily psychological, which is to do with the soul or psyche. It is an inner,
intuitive discipline rather than a science in the modern sense. The personality, of which
astrology can give us a rich and complex profile, is, like the body, a vehicle of the higher
purpose which we serve in earthly life. Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding two very
important and inter-linked processes in life. Firstly the day to day reality and our adaption to
it, and secondly our hidden or inner purpose and the lessons which are inherent in that.

In the first of these we are living and focussed in the life of an incarnate being. As such we
may be unaware of, or resistant to, the more complex psychic reality of `who and what we are' as
a multi-dimensional being of which this incarnation is only one small facet. The reality of our
multi-dimensionality is contained in the placement of the transpersonal planets. It is through
their aspects to the personal and collective planets that the potential for our experience and
understanding of this reality is constellated. In particular it is through the effects of
transpersonal planet transits that the tension between our trance-like identification with the
with earthly life and the reality of our greater being is so heightened that it breaks into

Astrology is on one hand a very subtle and complex tool for self knowledge on the day to day
level of experience. Here it give us explanations for many of our actions behaviours and urges,
and as such is a tool for self acceptance. If one can accept who one innately is, and begin
to work with rather than against one's nature, then the processes of nurture with which we
attempt to change ourselves may be far more effective. In this area the focus of astrology
is primarily on the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), the Ascendant and
Jupiter and Saturn (planets related to collective life and values) as indicators of our
personal desires, styles and attitudes in relationship, social life and self expression.
This aspect of astrology, through aspects to the transpersonal planets, also shows the possible
outlets for the deeper forces in the psyche which flow (or don't flow) into our lives through
the gateways of the personal planets.

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