why and how was false self created?

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why and how was false self created?

Post by logan65 » Wed May 10, 2017 11:58 am

and does it happen to everybody?

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Re: why and how was false self created?

Post by eputkonen » Wed May 10, 2017 2:59 pm

Why is a false self created when you dream at night?

It might be a dream in which you fly, are being chased, going on an adventure, or whatever...but that dream character is a false self. During the dream...we really feel like we are this person. So why was it created? (it is all you...everything in the dream is from the mind.)

The answer is simple...because it is more fun...to have an experiencer and doer to experience flying, being chased, or being on an adventure.
The false self is fundamentally a point of view of awareness...and so to experience flying in your dream there has to be the point of view of one flying. Otherwise you would be just watching someone else fly...which is another point of view of awareness.

Point of view of awareness is about relation...for a single ball in space (endless space) can't be said to be moving or not moving. Two balls in space, if there is motion...you can't tell if either one or both is moving. If three balls are in space, then you could say one ball is moving away from the other two...or you could say the two are moving away from the other ball. Each could have its own point of view of awareness - so how would it look to each ball?

As Allan Watts said once, we are apertures through which the universe looks at itself. Identification with this "specific" aperture (i.e. point of view of awareness) is false self. In this way, the false self is like a mirage...it is not what it appears to be...and believing it for what it appears to be brings suffering.

~ Eric Putkonen
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