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Team Eckhart

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:47 pm
by DJAbacus
I see a therapist and we often talk about 'team Darren'. The voices in my head that discuss and decide what to do and can be simply split into 'the adult', 'the child' and the 'parent' though I'm sure you can split your 'team' into how many 'selfs' as you want.

ET has 2 in his team. The 'I' and the 'self' but you can can't exactly call it a team can you. The drama queen jumps up and down shouting and screaming trying to get his own way and the 'I' just sits there with his feet on the table, smoking a spliff or drinking a beer or both, chilling, loving life, watching the 'ego' make a big fuss until he finally leaves the meeting. Job done.

What a great way to look at it and beat depression. He's a nice guy and very clever and eventually worked out he could make a lot of money from this as it is a brilliant philosophy for life. A New Earth is so much better than Power of Love at getting his point across. Enlightened? No!! (so says my ego - I am right!!). His ego is wanting more money so he's slipped up there, but really interesting and helpful stuff especially when you've hit a brick wall in life.