Meditation coused problems with sleep

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Meditation coused problems with sleep

Post by Astan » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:29 am

I've practiced meditation and lucid dreaming a couple of years ago.
It caused a lot of problems (fears, loneliness, lack of sense etc.)- but let's leave this for now, since it is complicated topic.

What I want to ask is if anyone experienced serious sleep problems because of meditation :?:

I used to mediate during laying on the floor. The problem is I always became sleepy at some point so every time my mind noticed I went sleep, it alerted me to stay conscious.
So, it was like part of my brain learnt to kick me from the sleep mode. Unfortunately,after some time it started to be active even when I really wanted to sleep. :|

The second issue is that during the meditation I tried to learn to observe hipnagogic state, to walk throw them into higher state of consciousness or lucid dream. If I wouldnt, I would just slept. I tried to observe my mind...

Sometimes (well, let's be honest - in single cases) I managed to go directly to lucid dream (so called WILD technique) which was kinda awesome - I basically was feeling myself lying in bed and starting to creating the very lucid dream I wanted (feeling like I had 4 hands - 2 real, and 2 eternal created in the dream [at start, after a while I was deeper and deep in the dream]). Well, it's not that important. Anyway, it sounds cool and was cool...
BUT :!:
since my goal was not to be lost in hipnagogic state I started (well, my mind started) to do it automatically (or trying to do it automatically, which is worse) also during sleep attempts.

:arrow: What is worse, it does not mean I stayed in some extra conscious state not disturbed by hipnagogic states. I was just in between - I could not be fully awake (I was in some dizzy, not pleasant state sleeping and waking up all the time) but also could not lost consciousness for good to rest, because even if I did, my mind woke me up, sleep was very shallow and even if I went to sleep for good I was waking up many times during the night. I was in some terrible, dizzy state of consciousness... And when I was waking up I had a lot of fears and felt really bad. I could not rest properly.

I that time I had also a lot of stress (really) in my life and I was asking myself about many existential questions, which caused more fears, depression and some kind of panic attacts related of death (also, when I had a lucid dream, I was thinking about life, death etc. in it...) - but it is just off note, as I wrote at the begging it's complicated.

It take me some time to learn how to sleep again for me. I still not sleep well, but it might be caused by a lot of reasons. I would like to meditate again, but I'm afraid because of multiple reasons. One of them is sleep problems.

Any comments, advices? Anyone who experienced insomnia related to meditation practice :?:

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