Love Who You Are

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Love Who You Are

Post by Webwanderer » Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:09 pm

I offer this post as a personal experience in the possibility that some may find it useful in their own explorations.

In a previous topic, I commented on the important distinction of 'what' vs 'who' we are. The reason being that who tends to lead more to an identification, albeit a higher one, rather than to our Essence. 'Who' tends to be a logical assumption whereas 'What' can be explored through our feeling nature.

So now I come to explore "who' in more of a feeling context. First it's important not to get all logical about it. It's not in figuring out an answer, but in a direct experience of self and being free of definition. Self talk is not only not required, but is to be largely avoided. 'What' we are matters in a larger context, but 'who we are' is more personal and has a more direct experience in our individualized lives. Words here are meant only to be pointers and not some kind of affirmation. Feeling experience is the goal.

Nisargadatta told of his path to awakening through the simple attention focus of "I am". The 'Great Freedom' organization's primary teaching is to take 'short moments' allowing everything to be as it is many times a day. Adyashanti teaches the 'True Meditation' technique. There are of course others, but all of these point to the same basic practice. I have explored many of them to great benefit. Yet there has always been a missing component. I would stay with each of these practices for a time and then slowly lose the discipline that would bring the full value from them.

Make no mistake, I recommend them all. They are all effective means of getting beyond the ego identity into a truer sense of who and what we are. Just recently however, I've found the element that moves these techniques from a practice to an attractive joy. I ran across a pointer from a young man named Aaron Abke who referred to the present state as 'the silence'. But more than that, he looked upon the silence as his True Self, that the silence was who he is. More still is that he genuinely loved the experience of living through his true nature.

It occurred to me then that it's far easier to do what we love than it is to follow a discipline. History has certainly proved that to be the case in my own life. So I went to a local lake and sat on a bench and went into the clear state - of which years of practice has become quite familiar to me. I then opened up a sense of appreciation, not just for the beauty of the moment as has been my common practice, but to an appreciation and love for being who I am as pure consciousness. This was "I am" in a way that was more than just technique, but a richly enjoyable experience. A way of being that was so attractive that I wanted to stay, not through effort, but through a sense of preference.

This made a significant difference in my interest. The discipline left, and the love and appreciation for the pure state of self and being came clear. It became something that didn't just matter in the growth of consciousness, but a sense of self I genuinely loved to live in. And because it was love initiated, it was not something necessary but something desired. My return to that state has become much more frequent since then and without effort.

It's said that love conquers all. It now seems more clearly than ever that love conquers ego - most importantly our own. Love of self, when that self is clearly felt, is the path to overcoming our ego identification. I'm not suggesting here that ego disappears, but it gets put in a context that is clearly seen and becomes the living tool that it was meant to be in this human experience. The Actor now knows more clearly than ever the character in the play for what he is - just a vehicle to explore challenging experience in the realm of human interaction.

As a side note, shortly after my time at the lake, I had an important, and potentially challenging, meeting. It went exceedingly well as I was wonderfully clear and got the exact results I was after.


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Re: Love Who You Are

Post by logan65 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:46 am

thanks for sharing that ww..most beautiful.....every morning me and the rescue dog (mia) load up and drive 45 minutes to a place with a lake,graveyard (slave,civil war) frog pond,restored old plantation,etc..spend at least 1 hr just walkin around and just being right here right now with what is..the drive there (I head out @ 5 a;m so very little traffic) the time I am there,and the drive back is something I cant describe...yer post resonated deeply with me...

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Re: Love Who You Are

Post by Hariyavong » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:36 am

The information provided is very useful to me.

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