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Re: Who am i? Why can't i be a ever changing entity?

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 2:19 am
by DavidB
In order to be aware of change, one must necessarily be unchanging.

Re: Who am i? Why can't i be a ever changing entity?

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:25 pm
by Enlightened2B
These are great questions Waverider.

I know this thread is about a month or so old now. So, apologies if it's not relevant anymore. But, I think this question can never really be answered by the mind alone. And to truly get any bit of clarity on this, it would be recommended to either have your own out of body experience to prove to yourself that consciousness exists beyond the brain. Or some form of transformative meditative experience. So, you would literally have first hand, 100 percent direct knowing that what you are is beyond the body.

Or, as Webwanderer wrote in a comment above (and his own research in this really changed my life when I started exploring this), what's helped me a lot with this question is the exploration of non physical experience reports from others, via Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences. Yes, it might be a form of second hand knowing for the brain.

But, it can be a helpful tool, in allowing the rest of the nervous system to let go and relax a bit more, by hearing about the second hand testimony of others, and in turn allowing us to have deeper access to the present moment, without the mind constantly asking "how do I know if this is real?".

Additionally, I think it might also be helpful (if you choose to see it this way), to perhaps, move away from using terms 'consciousness', in attempting to describe our true nature. Because, consciousness and brain are so interrelated in our culture, that it's become a loaded term in some sense.

There IS, I believe an interface there between the brain and consciousness. And what we call "consciousness", only gets experienced in the way that we humans experience it, because of our human nervous systems. While a plant or a gut microbiome experiences that same essence, in a completely different way.

But, I like to say that what we truly more this open, expansive sense of continuity that is not something I can point to, but I can point at the idea of it for conversation purposes. And again, in hearing the testimony of others, it's allowed me to trust this more and more.

This sense of continuity experiences itself uniquely through this human brain and nervous system and in turn, we have the experience of human consciousness. But, there is something here, that is beyond all of that, which is who I really am. No, I can't prove it unfortunately. But, I sense it when I am in a more clear open state.

And the less terminology we use to describe ourselves, the more free and open, and unlimited we can naturally be.