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Post by din » Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:57 pm

summer wrote:I am glad that I have a curious mind. I think that the question here is more "What is the right use of the mind?"

If we want to listen to silence, then a quiet mind is appropriate. And if we want to learn how to use a computer, then an active mind is the appropriate tool.

It is a little bit like taming a wild horse, rather than killing it :lol:

And paying less attention to the thoughts about "me, and my story" are a good method to reduce the suffering that all of that yamma yamma noise creates.

Sometimes I think of the brain as a computer with lots of different software programs in there. Our attention is the energy source that keeps the various programs running. Since attention is always powered by the energy of the present moment, if we keep on paying attention to old outdated software we keep it alive that way. And if we stop putting our attention there, it fades into the background. Let's dump the "Me, and my story" software in the trashcan.

I see learning about new subjects that are of interest to us, as installing new software programs into the brain. No problem here. The incentive is just to enjoy learning about new subjects.
That sounds very good summer.

And while all this is going on, don't forget to love and accept all of it.

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