Peace at Last a/k/a The Noisy Jerk Moves Out

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CFSLos Angeles
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Peace at Last a/k/a The Noisy Jerk Moves Out

Post by CFSLos Angeles » Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:21 pm

Hi dear fellow E.T.D.C. posters! Here is another excerpt "hot off the press" from the new book I am writing, ENLIGHTENMENT ON DEMAND. Although less "spiritual" than the excert I posted a few days ago about the 3 different types of people, I thought some of you might enjoy reading this.

Love and Serenity,


Peace at Last

The next day after the “noisy jerk” (as my “mind” likes to refer to him) had moved out, I was walking around my apartment with the biggest smile on my face. Finally, the torture in the form of a cacophony of constant, head numbing, ear splitting singing (actually, screaming into a microphone as loud as he could) while banging on his piano at random intervals thought the day and night was finally and at long last over.

To say I was happy is an understatement. I was delirious. I had been subjected to the cruelest form of torture; that which plagues you incessantly, yet there is very little you can do to make it go away that doesn’t risk serious prison time.

And so after a 1½ years of plotting, scheming, and fantasizing about all the ways I was going to carry out my just retribution on my tormentor, but not having the balls to actually do much of it , I was “Free at last!, Free at last, Thank God Almighty free at last!”

I called my sister and left a voice mail saying, “You know, if you saw me right now you’d think I just won a million dollars, that’s how happy I am!” After I hung up, my next thought was that if someone were to really offer me a million dollars but I had to give up the beautiful, peaceful, delicious silence I was now experiencing, no basking in, I would unhesitatingly turn down their offer.

And my next thought (I know, I know, there seems to be a lot of thinking going on here for someone who believes that the less thinking, the better. However, just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with choosing to think, my “beef” as it were, is with the chronic, non-stop, repetitive drivel that goes on all day long in our head which not only serves no purpose, but actually keeps you from discovering your true nature.) was how strange my choice would be to most people. But I don’t care; for me silence is a golden treasure whose luster I feel most at home in.

The noise pollution is out-of-control in this world and is coming at us from all directions via radios, TVs , car horns, alarms, traffic, birds (not the nice little chirpy ones that sound as if they are happily gossiping to each other, but the larger males that make it a point to land on my air conditioner at 6:00 am every morning and let out a litany of high-pitched, shrill mating calls that could wake the dead) and noisy jerks that live in the apartment building across from us.

So you see, it’s not the silence I would be giving up for the million dollars, its my SANITY. And that my dear friend, is priceless!

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Post by seeker » Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:36 pm

What a great post, because yesterday the "noisy jerk" did move out. Gone are the loud 3 AM. domestic disputes, the 1:30 AM arriving home from the bar and thumping loudly across the floor, the 6:30 playing of the one album she owned or worse the 6:30 am workout directly over my head.

I can actually feel the silence and even my apartment seems brighter.

It demonstrates a point that I've tried to communicate to others. If one becomes silent, taking out the daily distractions like music, TV etc. and simply goes about daily life, after they have gone through the feelings of going crazy because of the emptiness, there arises a feeling of peace, and for the first time the possibility of actually feeling life.

All this activity and noise does nothing except block out life. The noisy neighbours, and there will be more, are part of that noise. When they are with me I have get to practice acceptance of the moment. When they are absent I can feel the life that I love.

I think your spot on with your understanding of the noise that surrounds us and the strangling and crushing effect it has on our spirits. We feel compelled to compete with it in the hope that our noise will give us space.

Guess what the real way of dealing with it all is?

Need I say?

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