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Post by shappy » Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:20 am

Dongle wrote:Seeking is a natural human behavior or a function of desire?
To the ego it is clearly a function of desire.

Beyond the ego, the perspective shifts and it is viewed as a natural human behaviour. A human acting like a human.

It is easy for the ego to deny that it is seeking. And denying that you are seeking is much more messy than knowing it, and eventually accepting it.

Essentially, my point for creating this thread, is to expose one of the many "rules" that seem govern the seeking spiritual community. Basically, being honest with oneself is the best way to avoid any traps.

weichen quoting Tolle wrote:You are the present moment.
Wow, until reading the above I had no idea what Tolle was really on about. Thanks for the quote, weichen.

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