I saw the world as one today

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I saw the world as one today

Post by blueviceroy » Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:26 am

I saw love in a lightpole today and then I saw a beautiful conectedness in the cars and the people the trees and the bridge and I felt an ache in my chest a longing for what I was and then I was afraid that experience would end and it would vanish forever and I realized that if I truly desired it I would have to WORK for it . Earlier in the day I wept because I was so relieved at remembering who I really was as a human being and realizing I never ever have to lose that again. I hugged myself inside I guess thats about as close to how I felt as I can describe. But today I really saw the perfectness of everything of me all the suffering and I am so grateful to see what was always there. I dont feel like I'm missing anything anymore and I saw how even the most awful person in the world is just a confused person . I have seen so much in three days I am so tired LOL! My body is exhasted thank you

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Post by kiki » Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:34 am

What a great breakthrough you've had; I am so happy for you. Clear seeing - it arises out of what you are; it's never gone, only sometimes it gets overlooked. Welcome home.


CFSLos Angeles
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Post by CFSLos Angeles » Sat Oct 13, 2007 2:40 pm

Beautiful blueviceroy! Your description of your "experience" is awesome. It's always impactful when source gets in touch with source and then shares it with source so that source can get in touch with it self! :shock:
Love and Serenity,


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Post by Webwanderer » Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:33 pm

Welcome home blueviceroy, :D

Now that you know from experience what truth is like, no-thing can take that from you. When events in life distract you, and ego/mind attempts to reassert it's power, you have the experiential perspective to see those events within the genuine reality of being. Always be gentle with distractions. They are but clouds passing in the sky of infinite awareness.

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Post by shappy » Sun Oct 14, 2007 7:25 am

Hi blueviceroy,

I too had a similar experience (at least it sounds like it from your description). But in the end, it was just an experience... a brief encounter with truth. It was life-changing but it came and went in a flash (it lasted about half a day for me). This experience helped me to focus on the actual goal of discovering my true nature. Because if my experience was similar to yours, then your true nature has yet to reveal itself. You'll know when it reveals itself... it's different from this. Ultimately, you're going to have to let go of this experience... it'll actually hinder your progress if you dwell on it.

Again, I'm comparing this to my situation. Your's may be entirely different.

Just a brief note on what I mean by "just an experience". Whatever is happening this very moment is truth. All past experiences are memories. Dwelling on memories is resisting this very moment. Wanting, desiring, or wishing a feeling to come back is resisting this very moment because it's insinuating that what you are now is not enough. But this very moment is your true nature. So in order to realize your true nature, you cannot resist this moment. Release the want to experience this again and it just might come back after all... perhaps permanently.

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I saw the world as one today

Post by presentlybythesea » Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:09 pm

Great post Blueviceroy!

I too have had similar experiences and posted some of them. You express yours wonderfully. I can only express my experience as looking at life as if for the first time, in each experience, much like an alien might experience this planet. Mine first occurred on the beach but now I'm fully present in many situations and often. When thought would creep in though I'd feel discouraged, somehow defeated by my ego mind.

Thought still interlopes upon my stillness but I don't fight it anymore. I look at it. That tenacious ego mind. The poor little thing wants it all to be once again as it's always been. In total control. Keeping me lost in yesterday, savoring accomplishments, regretting failures, or being anxious the future or hoping for a better tomorrow.

There are some on this site who obviously have it all together, are genuinely enlightened and even have much to offer to help the rest of us. They would do well publishing and at least one of course does. As you have so powerfully posted, Blueviceroy, all I can do is relate in a similar way how Tolle has changed my life. But it's a fools errand to try to articulate an experience where words fail.

The best way for me to relate the experience is that I am really HERE, NOW. A feeling of realization that the word profound doesn't begin to describe. I know now what Tolle means by ineffable.

Lone walks with Bailey our journeymate pooch, are easy these days. On a recent walk I encountered two little girls at a lemonade stand. I really wasn't very thirsty but bought one anyway. Does anyone ever buy from these tiny vendors when it is thirst that induces the purchase?

I walked a block with Bailey, then turned a corner. Bailey soon stopped and did her business. I took out a plastic bag for the cleanup. Yes, you can be present here too.

It's a two hand operation to pick up and tie the bag as one who walks a dog will know. But where to put my lemonade? The car at the curb looked handy but I envisioned a circle mark, even without a mark an owner would frown, at least.

I put the paper cup on the sidewalk and did the pick up. When I stood and turned I saw Bailey behind me turning away from my lemonade licking her lips. I grinned ear to ear. Her eyes never looked so bright, so beautifully brown.

While walking her this morning I consciously decided to make it a present walk. As soon as I did decide I noticed Bailey had slowed her pace. This caught my attention thinking that somehow I had communicated to her my thought. But now I think I must have slowed my own pace, which I had not noticed but which she felt through the leash. Yeah, it couldn't really be otherwise, could it?

My first present experience on the walk was to notice fully, gravity upon the bottom of my feet as they pushed down upon the earth with each step. I felt my own heft. My form was present on this planet and felt it's pull. I was really here.

I walked further under the early morning light. I saw a squirrel dart from Bailey's approach. I found myself smiling at the furry creature. Yes, thoughts did begin to creep in but it's okay, I look at things without labels nor thought but the interloper does come, but it's okay now, I just look at the thought too, just relax and enjoy the show. The thoughts disappeared.

It's a walk of life with journeymate Bailey. I am, absorbing life with all it has to offer, all as it is, all is beauty, all is life, thorns, warts, all. I touched a green, vinyl-clad chain link fence. I touched the point of a thorn on a rose bush, roses long gone. I paused and leaned forward to look closely at a violet flower. As I leaned I felt the thread of a web across my forehead. The violet flower had a purple center, tiny specs of pink pollen visible in it's purple heart. I felt my breath, in and out but I was almost breathless with appreciation.

I walked further looking at the leaves of plants that share this planet, this life, this eternal Self with me. I came to an intersection. I was on Coolidge Ave. Signs of ego posted in metal I thought, yes another interpretation had crept in, even a judgement, it's okay though.

I saw another sign at the corner, a black-line arrow, right angled to the left with a red circle and slash over it, the international no-left-turn sign. Yes, another thought came to me, "How nice, we have returned to hieroglyphics." You see, the interloper can enter with wit trying to seduce the moment from consciousness. A humorous thought but also hopeful in that it appears humanity has been coming together on this planet, at least in sign hieroglyphics. I smiled at the thought.

I looked at a person at the top of the steps in front of his house. He put a key in a door and seemed to struggle to get the door open. Locked doors, keys. That's where we are, yes, yet another thought but it's okay, no struggle, just look at it. At another intersection I saw a device hung from cables above. Three different colors from the spectrum lit up from green to yellow to red. A steel isolation capsule came to a stop beneath the device. I crossed the street.

I saw another person, a man walking toward me. I noticed I still had that mysterious smile on my face that had started when I first began this present Bailey-walk. I knew the smile started in my eyes, then spread ridiculously over my entire face making the actual grin on my lips redundant.

The man seemed to be frowning, looking down as he passed. I said nothing, as did he. I saw a woman walking toward me. She seemed to be avoiding my grinning face as did the man. A line from "Singing in the rain" occurred to me, "Who could this fool be?" I said, "Good morning" this time. This Journeymate lady smiled and said, "Good morning."

Now, I know I'm not enlightened, far from it, but I do have more gaps in thought each day, more stillness. A lot of it has to do with this site I think. I'm among some intensely conscious people. I feel as Tolle said in PON, "When a log that has only just started to burn is placed next to one that is burning fiercely, and after a while they are separated again, the first log will be burning with much greater intensity. After all, it is the same fire."

Each day holds a little more presence for me thanks to some fine books and some fine people on this site and just allowing it to happen.

I felt refreshed from the walk on this blue planet, I had absorbed what had been offered, I had interacted with it, I was life with it.

I saw God in the bright brown eyes of Bailey. Those eyes, that flower, the web, yes even the chain link fence, all of it a mutual embrace. I am in heaven seeing with the eyes of God. I think I'm finally starting to realize I AM.

I sincerely wish you all peace,
Every encounter in the present, an opportunity to affect collective human consciousness.

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Post by Shion » Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:46 pm

shappy wrote:Whatever is happening this very moment is truth. All past experiences are memories. Dwelling on memories is resisting this very moment. Wanting, desiring, or wishing a feeling to come back is resisting this very moment because it's insinuating that what you are now is not enough. But this very moment is your true nature. So in order to realize your true nature, you cannot resist this moment. Release the want to experience this again and it just might come back after all... perhaps permanently.
These are some of such wonderful revealing, awakening words ! :D
Thank you !

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Post by redindira » Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:39 pm

oneness resonates in me when i read all the posts in this topic.my humble thanks to all the conscious being/s in this forum

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