Serious condition - How to stop dreaming?

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Serious condition - How to stop dreaming?

Post by dubhasa » Wed Nov 21, 2007 5:11 pm

Is there any medical or spiritual remedy for stopping the dreams? I don't know what kind of issue is this.

My wife is suffering from this problem for years. As soon as she goes to sleep, dreaming starts. Very vivid and live. It is like, she is living another life. She dreams all night long. Normal mundane matters, nightmares, stupid dreams, vacation dreams, chasing dreams, horrible dreams etc. She wakes up screaming atleast 4-5 times a week. Every day whenever she wakes up in the morning, she is more tired than when she goes to bed.

Sleeping aid works temporarily but can't be hooked on to it.

Can enlightened folks here offer some practical advice?


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Re: Serious condition - How to stop dreaming?

Post by Webwanderer » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:33 pm

If your wife is having consistant nightmares, then she has some unresolved issues in her waking life. Find out what bothers her. It's most likely something she is resistant to discuss. Her resistance and fear is bottling up emotional energy within her subconscious and it is venting through her dreams. What does she fear, in either her past or her present? Expose it, forgive it, and make it okay to exist. As the energy is neutralized in the waking state, the venting through dreams will subside.

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Re: Serious condition - How to stop dreaming?

Post by JD » Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:03 pm

Your wife has my sympathy, the condition sounds most distressing.

WW's advice is spot-on so far as the nightmares are concerned, but you say that these vivid dreams can be be about more or less anything - stupid dreams, vacation dreams, etc - which suggests to me that the psychic body itself is in a disturbed condition.

There are several possible causes for this and the first thing to do is identify the culprit.

The most likely causes are location, diet or electromagnetic radiation.

Location first: Does your wife suffer from these dreams when she sleeps away from home?

What happens if you move the axis of her bed 90° so that it's at right-angles to its previous position? Sometimes such a simple measure can bring immediate relief.

Diet: Many common food substances contain psychedelic or other psychoactive chemicals that some individuals are extremely sensitive to. Chocolate, coffee, tea, nutmeg, sugar, alcohol and wheat are all possible culprits - as is nicotine if your wife smokes.

If she's aware of issues around a particular food substance (craving, addiction, etc.) that's a good place to start looking.

Have her remove the suspect food from her diet for a couple of weeks. When you find the right one, the dreams may get even worse at first. That's a good sign as it shows you're on the right track.

If she's not aware of any issues around a particular food or beverage, just try stopping one thing at a time.

Lastly, electromagnetic radiation. Some people react adversly to strong electromagnetic fields, so try switching off all electrical appliances and current-carrying wires within a 2 metre radius of your wife's bed.

If none of the measures work, then it's time to seek specialist help, but these three causes should first be eliminated.

Good luck. :)
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Re: Serious condition - How to stop dreaming?

Post by Onceler » Thu Nov 22, 2007 2:11 am

Some say you can alter/control your dreams making them more pleasant or meaningful. Might want to do a web search on "lucid dreaming".

I did zazen in my dream one night.

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Re: Serious condition - How to stop dreaming?

Post by Ives » Thu Nov 22, 2007 3:29 pm

Here's a good thread on dreams and nightmares:

http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... &sk=t&sd=a

I've just reread it and found it amusing, informative and enlightening.
It may help your wife.

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