What excites you?

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Re: What excites you?

Post by BrahmanEternal » Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:13 am

well put no won.
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Re: What excites you?

Post by weichen » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:36 pm

So as excitement & fear decrease, contentment increases?
in a way, excitement and fear are the two sides of the same thing, while this thread is about excitement, but I can sense the fear between the lines (fear that life becomes no fun, how dreadful that is).

When the excitement and fear are much weakened, many weak subtle signals come out. your awareness expands into completely new territory. Here is another example. I had some dull pain on my hip joint, I never knew how I got it, was a nerve damaged? was that caused by an internal infection? but it hurt every day for several months. One day, I noticed that when I sit in one posture, there was a very faint pain in that hip joint. A thought flash through my mind "I found the cause of the pain, and probably that pain can be cured". Indeed, within a few weeks, the pain was gone. I did not do anything, I did not even pay attention to my body posture. Without the strong polarity of fear & excitement, our eyes are suddenly open, and our awareness expand, and intelligence can flow more freely and automatically take care of many things.

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