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3 Problems ago

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 11:52 pm
by Intel
This is an excerpt from Mooji, discussing problems.

Mooji, I hear all you say and I agree with it all. But right now I'm unable to get this problem of holding my relationship together out of my head. I can't move beyond it. What should I do? I'm sorry to introduce a personal issue in all these deep talks on the impersonal reality and all that, but I sincerely feel I must tackle my stuff before more serious matters. So, please show me a way to solve this problem, I'm sure you've got one!

Okay, very well. May I ask you what was your problem three problems ago?

[Questioner looks thoughtfully at the ceiling, but remains silent]

Mmm... Okay, a little closer than that, what was your problem two problems ago? Do you remember?

[The questioner looks more puzzled, and stays silent]

Okay, surely this will be easy for you, what was the problem one problem ago? Surely you can remember...



[The questioner looks bemused and a little embarrassed, but still lost for words]

You see, such is the nature of all thoughts and sensations, they come and go. Your previous problems seemed equally as pressing and important in their time as your current problem now does, but they are no more; absent from the present by the force of nature. If such is the nature of thoughts and feelings, surely your present difficulties share the same destiny. Why worry about it? All these movements are witnessed in you and by you as pure awareness. Stay as That!

Re: 3 Problems ago

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:12 am
by weichen