Poker - Path to Presence

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Poker - Path to Presence

Post by Vpopov81 » Sun Apr 20, 2008 4:24 pm

I saw the thread about chess so I figured I would make this one. Poker is a game of skill that if played properly requires an immense amount of time of doing nothing (folding). Finally when you do get a hand, this is where right action, emotional mastery, and acceptance of what is comes into play. Poker is a meditators dream come true. Anyone with any degree of self command can profit as well as use this wonderful vehicle.

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Re: Poker - Path to Presence

Post by D'ray » Sun Apr 20, 2008 7:06 pm

Yes, and you also win money :wink:
There's no "I" to become enlightened. The "I" can have spiritual experiences.

DON'T resist the RESISTANCE! The resistance is there. Walk into it. Feel it. Become one with it.

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