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Phil's squirrels are my new portal

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 2:55 am
by Linda
I just visited the "Squirrels-for-You" website, watched the squirrel videos and was instantly enjoying a very strong NOW experience. What engaging critters! The exquisite interaction between the humans and the squirrels was so harmonious...and the music perfectly complimented the action. What a delightful surprise. Thanks, Phil.

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 3:15 am
by phil
Thank you Linda. Yes, they are great teachers indeed. They are so committed to the moment, being in a cage full of them is literally like being in the precence of a master.

Which sounds dramatic, but of course it's not dramatic, it's just very ordinary and wonderful. None of the pretension backage that very few human teachers ever truly escape. That's what I love about critters. They are so there, and no effort whatsoever.

You just can't not be in now while 4 squirrels are using you for a race track. It is literally impossible.

Should anyone wish to join the squirrel cult, I have a new forum to suggest. No, not our forum, it stinks.

This one instead:

Squirrels have taught me that if you're going to worship something, worship something you're going to trip over every time you walk out the front door.

It's a priceless lesson, and it was given to me by some rats.

God is great, no frigging kidding.

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 3:17 pm
by heidi
Yesterday I was taking a break from writing and standing out on my 3rd floor deck looking down upon my domain, very presently, watching a squirrel. The lid had come off my "squirrel proof" feeder and he was reaching in with his whole body to get the seed. The only thing not in the tubular feeder was a bit of his back hips and his tail. It was comical. Thought of you, Phil. :)

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 3:25 pm
by phil
heidi wrote: The only thing not in the tubular feeder was a bit of his back hips and his tail. It was comical. Thought of you, Phil. :)
Arft! Too funny. Yes, relentlessness, leading to self embarrassing poses. It all sounds so familiar some how. :-)

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 2:36 am
by Egoicmidget
Linda thanks so much! That's my wifes name also so... :D
Phil, great job, Linda and I watched the baby squirrel video together!
They are truly awesome and I can understand your loving them as you do.

Just fantastic!!! the sound track was great too.


Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:41 am
by phil
Thanks John, glad you and yours had fun.

The only part of the whole operation I didn't do myself was the inventing the squirrels part, ie the only part that matters. :-)

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:42 am
by L. Bryson
Great contribution Phil!

Do you do rodent rehab?

I volunteerd with a local wildlife rescue group in my area for sevral yrs. a few years back.

That is where " Marwyn " my goose came from. He was tiny 2 week old gosling wandering in middle of nowhere. Woman that found him took him home and he lived on her deck with 2 Golden Retreivers for a week

Amazing he did'nt get get stepped on or worse by dogs. She finally turned him over to group and he came to live me me and his new wives.

We have Nothern flying squirrels in my area. Friend did'nt beleive me, so I kept one little guy ( already expired! ) in my freezer to " prove " that they existed! They race around on the roof on summer nights and love peanut butter. Too cute.

Thank you for such a delighteful moment.


Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 5:06 am
by be-lank
L, we have flying squirrels too. We keep sunflower seed out, and they fly to the feeders at night. One summer a few of them became friendly with me. They have a piercing, high-pitched squeak, which they would give me when I would go out in the evening. (And the same time every night) I would go to a tree and talk to them, and they would come down the tree and eat from my hand. No mind now! Just awe and reverence. I could feel their sharp teeth, but they never hurt me. There is an intelligence in animals that is amazing.

These flying squirrels could go to any feeder, and eat. But this became a little game for them. Or maybe it was just love. Flying squirrels are so adorable that when they appear, silence is the only answer. Speechless wonder!

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 5:26 am
by L. Bryson
Hi belank,

I used to keep feeders out for the birds also but had troble with deer. They would stand on their hind legs like goats and headbutt feeders till they flipped upside down
and spilled!

I still put out a peanut butter/ cornmeal dough for Woodpeckers and Nuthatch's and the flying squirrels love it. Drilled 1 1/2 inch holes in small log and stuff mix into holes and hang from tree. Easy and does'nt go rancid like suet.

Love all the little woodland darlings :)


Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:56 pm
by phil
L. Bryson wrote:Do you do rodent rehab?
Yes, we get them when they are about 2 weeks old, and parent them to maturity. We'll be releasing our 2nd litter starting next week. Big event!

I volunteerd with a local wildlife rescue group in my area for sevral yrs. a few years back.
L. Bryson wrote:That is where " Marwyn " my goose came from.
Does your goose still live with you? Is he/she a permanent house guest?

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 7:18 pm
by be-lank
I used to keep feeders out for the birds also but had troble with deer. They would stand on their hind legs like goats and headbutt feeders till they flipped upside down
and spilled!
Holy deer, L!

They must be hungry. We put piles of cracked corn out for the deer. And yes, they do nibble on our many plants! But that's okay. Deer are so wonderful- and since they are prized by hunters, they are especially welcomed.

("We want corn"- luv Bambi) :D

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:13 pm
by L. Bryson
Hi Phil, Hi belank....

Yes, Marwyn is now enjoying his 8th year with me and his chubby wife "Babby"!

He is domestic White Chinese goose so no release for him. I raised him with mirrors in his crate to help facilitate a visual of his own kind as he was singleton and could find no other goslings his age to rear him with.

He imprinted on me and would love nothing more than to raise a little family with me! We are well into yet another breeding season and poor Marwyn... spends most of his time calling to me under kitchen window! I have to answer back constantly and even getting up in middle of night starts his crying for connection!

Had to give up our swims together in pool, too much stimulation for him! LOL. It gets better later in the season and by July or so Marwyn settles back into his non hormonal self.

His " wife " Babby" survived spinal cord injury from Bobcat trying to drag her over fence a few yrs. back. Call her my " Christopher Reeve's" goose.
( bless his heart ) She made full recovery with help of great bird doctor and only remaining issue is she lists to one side when she waddles!


Tried putting out corn for deer but did'nt want to attract predetors to my property. Mountain lions are pretty abundant in my area. Found remains of a deer kill 1/2 buried just up the hill from my house. So felt that I should not turn my yard into a buffet. Have been lucky with my cats over the years but have lost a couple to coyotes and who knows what else.

A nightly chore to lock up geese in barn and call in cats. Joke about not leaving the " circle of light " after dusk. Keep floodlights on around barn zone. Geese are smart, WANT to go to bed every night!

Although Marwyn could happily live indoors with me :D

Woke up to Raccoon who came through kitty door last year at 3 a.m. happily eating lemon cake on my dining room table. Party down!

Never a dull moment in the woods!


Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:32 pm
by spatialbean
Those racoons know what's good!

I love these stories!

I've not seen any big cats on my side of the mountain, L. But I am told they are here and read of them in our local paper. I get to see deer pretty often and I always feel blessed when that happens. Some squirrels but not as many as I would like. Magpies, I love them, they are such brats.

And frogs, millions and millions of frogs.

I love Marwyn.

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:16 pm
by L. Bryson
Hi Claudia... :)

YES... the tree frogs... right? LOVE the little guy's!
I had one who somehow got indoors and was living in the overflow hole of my bathroom basin! Called him " Draino "....LOL.... he would peek out of drain hole so I did'nt run any hot water in bathroom for weeks.

Warned all my company not to use hot water in bathroom.... they accept my eccentricities lol.
I have to check my trash cans because they get under lids and cling to liners, I live in " fear " :D that I will tie up bags and suffocate little dudes and send them to their deaths on garbage day!

Love their " peeping " all spring & summer.
We may be a bit off topic with this love of pets/nature thread... oh well...
nature stories in the NOW! I for one have no issue with this.... just good sharing & caring.

I love Magpies too but they are not around up here much, a little high in elevation for them. I noticed the abundance of Ravens all across the Southwest. Very prolific. Do you get the swarmming Root Borer beetles in the fall with the first rains over your way?

They are so bizzare.... the first year I lived out here it was like a horror movie.... I opened the door in the rain and dozens of them came flying into the house, bouncing off the walls. They are like giant walnut sized June bugs. Kinda creepy but cool too!

Ain't nature grand?


Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:28 pm
by L. Bryson

I love the ET tale where he is observing Ducks on a lake/pond?
He observes duck reacting to his space being invaded by other duck.

Duck reacts, defends his space and then just settles back into the now. " Aaaah, that's OVER! " LOL.

ET says if duck were a human with ego issues it would go something like" HEY....!, can you BELEIVE it? That duck just got in my space!!!! " The NERVE! " " What IF he does it again tomorrow? " Blah,blah,blah..... :lol:

Loved that analogy!