Am I Talking to Myself?

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Am I Talking to Myself?

Postby void » Mon Mar 13, 2006 1:20 pm

As a feeeling sensing entity i am all that i know. the only one. i have no idea how life feels or looks to you or anyone else! you may say you feel good but the only place i really know good is in me, you say the trees are green but what is your green? the only green i know is what i sense through these eyes. of all the so called suffering out there, only in me is the reality of it sensed or felt. if there is only me here and im not going mad! i only want to speak of how amazing and good life is in here so that i am affirming that goodness back to myself in seemingly seperate bodies. i will check this site soon, and may find that indeed i have reaffirmed back to myself how good life is!
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