A Peaceful Life

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A Peaceful Life

Post by Joan Ofarc » Tue Mar 21, 2006 11:53 am

This little story originated somewhere on the Internet - I think. I found great wisdom in it and thought of sharing it here, since it is very relavant.


******** A Peaceful Life ***********

It was a small Fisherman's Village by the sea. But, because it was beautiful, it was an attractive spot for tourists.

Once, while a tourist was sitting on the shore, he watched a Fisherman pull onto the shore in a small boat. He had with him fish of very good quality.

The tourist was pleased. "Today's haul is very good. You must have needed a long time to catch these?"

"No Sir, just a couple of hours."

"Really? Then could'nt you have stayed a couple of hours more and caught more fish?"

"This is enough for the needs of my family."

"What do you do in your freetime?"

"I play with my children. I take a nap with my wife in the afternoon. In the evening, a walk along the beach and then two packets of liqour. At night, a fitful sleep." - said the fisherman and started unloading the fish from the boat.

"Listen, I am a Business Graduate from a prestigious college. I'll give you some suggestions to make your trade run better." - so saying, the tourist started -

"From now on, stay longer in the sea. Then you'll get more fish. That means, your income will be more. Then buy another boat. Get more fish. If you keep doing this, you'll be the owner of many boats. You can sell your fish directly to factories without the hindrance of middlemen." The tourist paused for a moment, took a breath and continued -

"This way, you can make enormous profits. You can leave this small village and go to a big city. Buy a big ship and do deep sea fishing. After some years you will be very rich. By that time, the centre for your business will be the Capital. You'll have a Company of your own. You'll make millions."

"Is that so? What do I do with the millions?" The fisherman asked in wonder.

" After you have worked like this and made enough money, one day you can retire. You move to a small village by the sea. Play with your grandchildren. Take some rest in the afternoons with your wife. Go for walks on the beach in the evenings. After downing two pegs at night, you can sleep soundly and stay peacefully."


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