Perfection, here and now.

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Perfection, here and now.

Post by dancer » Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:24 pm

While lying in bed this morning, I noticed my mind was hard at work with all kinds of concepts trying to bring about perfection in the present moment. Of course after a while it was obvious none of this was going to work.

But then a pointer came back to me from the audio files of Adyashanti's that I had been listening to last night.

The pointer was to "drop every demand" on the present moment.

When I did this I was immediately aware of perfection in the present moment.

Where did that perfection come from?

It came from me, from pure consciousness, from space consciousness.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this perfection was not affected by what the "little me" was thinking, the "little me" could be doing whatever the hell it wanted, it would not interrupt the perfection that I am.

And this was a good insight. Because if I needed to be constantly in the "natural state" for perfection to be here, then when I am thinking, paradise/perfect peace would be lost.

How good a paradise, a perfection, would that be, if it depended on what I did or what happened to me all the time?

Now that I have had this insight, I need to deepen it, to live it every moment of every day.

That previous statement is not quite right, there's a bit of story in it. No, rather just allowing the perfection that is to shine through is all that is necessary.

The perfection that I am, that you are, is whole, complete, now!

I am finally losing "my center", this is good, it has been "cramping" me for quite a while now.

Now, if, during the day today or tomorrow I happen to lose this insight how will I react? Will I need to get it back? Will I drop any demand on the present moment and have an inner knowing that everything is as it should be? Will I accept the present moment so completely as if I had chosen it myself? Can I really lose what I am???

In his audio file "Beyond knowledge" Adyashanti is pointing out that the accumulation of knowledge, of spiritual teachings,( in my case) will not get me there. Accumulating knowledge is moving sideways, whereas true spiritual development is moving up rather than sideways. There is only one time where you can move up and that is now, in the now. So look to what is now for what you are looking for, not to more knowledge. The pointers have been very helpful to me, but they all point to the now. Salvation is now, all I need to do is recognize this.

I've often wondered how I can have so many different and varied experiences leading to the same place. But I guess I don't need to wonder anymore, I am in the world of form, the little me is part of the world of form and as such it takes on many forms. All expressions of the One.

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