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Re: Stop and Breathe Everyone

Post by Webwanderer » Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:26 pm

Doug wrote:Maybe instead of making it about members who question, you could stick to the real topic which is has ther been an over reaction to a few although contentious threads, valid converations nonetheless. I do not nor have I ever said that anyone should veer of into broad sweeping converstions as you describe. But if conversations about ego, claims of inaccuracy in posts, reading, and judging are not acceptible converstaions to have then you should specifically say that any disgareement between posting members, respectful or not, will not be tolerated here.
Doug, all conversations are valid (though often distructive), but that does not make them appropriate for the intent of this forum. This is not a democracy. We have a specific intent in our allowable discussion topics - and that is matters relating to awakening to directly perceptable truth, and to the issues that block that perception. Topics that distract from that intent are discouraged, and even banned. We are as much a focus group as a discussion forum.

This forum is a resource for those who have a heartfelt interest in clarity and awakening. Discussions that help our members toward realizing that goal are encouraged. We welcome those who have a genuine interest in directly living their true nature, as opposed to perceiving and experiencing life through a conceptual identity. Our dialogs and topics are intended for that purpose.

We occasionally stray from that purpose as has been demonstated of late, but we strive to maintain a quality atmosphere and will work to return it as best we can.


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Re: Stop and Breathe Everyone

Post by enlighten » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:14 pm

hi all & kiki my dear friend,
Its been awhile since i posted here but your post is a timely nudge & pointer for all :wink:


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