Thinking too Little

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Thinking too Little

Post by Tony-S-Ma » Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:21 pm

It appears that through overthinking, ET was enlightened. It seems his mind was overloaded; therefore, it had to stop. This led his disassociation with the mind made self because his mind stopped for a sufficient long enough period.

How many people here have experienced mind being overloaded for a long period?

One Zen technique to overload mind is to repeatedly ask for a question such as "What /who am I" with intense concentration for a long period of time.

It seems that the mind has a range of tolerance of intense concentration and idleness. If one's awareness somehow goes beyond that range, one's mind stops. During the mind stopping period, one experiences disassociation of the mind made self if one has not lost consciousness. Of course, everybody experiences disassociation of the mind made self during deep sleep, but that is not conscious experience.

Drugs works on the similar principle. They stop mind function temporarily to give the users the disassociation experience. Addiction is not mental; therefore, it can not be cured with the mental will. In fact, the pursuit of awakening experience is innately addictive. One does not need drug to enhance it.

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Re: Thinking too Little

Post by Glycine » Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:01 pm

Sounds right, Tony!
What about "having fun?" Most "fun" activities involve very little thinking and almost everybody "wants to have fun."
Are those who "want to have fun" unknowingly looking for awakening experiences?

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