More on freedom ofspeech

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More on freedom ofspeech

Post by void » Mon Apr 27, 2009 6:53 pm

I have already posted regarding freedom of speech, due to someone telling me one of my posts should not be discussed on this site. I have thiught more about it.. fair enough ... someone said this is an "exclusive site"... agagin fair enough... but know that consciousness, and existence, are not exclusive.
The sun, the rain, and all things natural and real are not exclusive...we are simply dealin with man made rules, and regulations here, and fair enough we need them some times.. For me the spiritual life has opened me up, to thepoint where i feel i could talk, and have a dialogue on any subject, with anybody at all... no subject is out of bounds for me, and as i said before, life contains all things(being inclusive). like it or not politics does affect us all, and i simply talk about it somettimes. Isthere anyone on this site who thinks that all subjects should be given some airtime? im not saying i want to argue politis 24/7, because my. posts have in the past been on all kinds of things . i notice the word "exclusive" all over the place now, as though its a good thing... but you should at least know that life, and consciousness, are not excllusive at all ...thank god! Isnt it funny? socrates was condemned by greeks! jesus condemned by jews... and now me ... condemned for speaking about a subject which is part of my " spiritual life" and by so called spiritual just makes me kinda sick....and by the way im not mentioning myself in the same context as jesus, and socrates for any selfish reason,,, im not comparing myself to them at all. Im not looking for someone to back me up here, ...i stand by what ive said .. but does anyone else think we should have freedom on what we say?

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Re: More on freedom ofspeech

Post by randomguy » Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:36 am

but does anyone else think we should have freedom on what we say?
We have the freedom to say what we will in any grammar we choose. The administrators have the freedom to ban. No problem.
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Re: More on freedom ofspeech

Post by Sighclone » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:17 am

void -

It's not so much what your political views or feelings are, but the interest we have here is to avoid political arguments which have no bearing on enlightenment. Or, even if some argument could be made that political discussions have bearing, they trigger such large emotional responses in people that the basic topic, awakening, gets easily obscured in long angry arguments. We have decided after much conversation to be firm. Here is the guideline: http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... f=9&t=5029 .

If you are really interested in a political discussion, why not post elsewhere, where it is encouraged? Our rules are not about freedom, they concern staying on topic.

Certainly freedom of speech allows us all to upload words to the internet. But this forum will not benefit from long discussions about baseball, mobile hydraulics, gardening or politics.

You've had one warning about your sloppy grammar, syntax and usage. This is a second. Please clean it up. Thank you.

Namaste, Andy
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