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Re: Why do anything?

Post by mistral » Sun May 31, 2009 9:08 pm

For me it has been just the opposite of this; the understanding of my real identity has not made me less interested in Life, but More. As I come closer to living my True Selfhood life gets better as I am in touch with the Engery that is the living of Unbound Freedom and the Inifnite Intelligence and Light that I am. I want to do more, I have more enthusiasm, I feel the depth and mystery of Life more, I have more genuine and tender emotions, I feel the Sweetness of Life in all its mysterous wonder. More not less depth I feel.

The wider my heart grows, the wider my vision gets and the more I understand about the 'why and wherefore' of this world. I am growing, I am new with each day, I am living at a deeper connection, a connection that somehow glows through my heart with this sense of the Infinite and endless Joy that is being the Very Self of Me.

Some days feel I must do more, the feeling is like a huge wave has picked me up and I have no choice but to ride It and Do with It what I am called to do. I feel the power of so much more; even the little things I do are filled with Something So much greater than I, it is danged miricle at every moment.

The discovery and uncovering of the Real Self does not bring complacency, it is not a state of lifelessness, or emptiness. It is Fullness, Bounty, Richness, Life, Living Energy, and Infinite Source flowing through my Heart. I trust It, and I trust will do with It the best I can.

The spark is lit to flame when we discover that everything (matter-time/space experience) is nothing and emptiness (Godhead, Ineffable Love and Its Divine Awareness) is everything.

And what I find myself doing grows in new directions, more branches, more roots reaching out. Into the world of matter and into the realms of Spirit. Both ways it grows, both ways I am more secure in.

It was by way of the heart being opened that this Beloved Grace found Me and It now holds my hand and walks with me and oddly enough The Insight or Presence of Being brings me more in the world than ever I was when I thought I was of the world and that the world was 'real'.

What I was yesterday is not what I am today---I have a continuing flow of new insights and new views and new ways to see my world. The wisdom and Light that permeates everything, It tells me that I am supposed to do something with this Divine Wisdom we are all given (but few notice). Its like surfing, you see a big wave coming and you just get it just right and you ride and ride until it takes you to shore. and then you paddle out again and wait and eventually catch another one. Life has become a Celestial Glorious Song of Joy and Wonder and Mystery. Perhaps we are each the notes of the God's Song and together we are Angelic symphony--- The Music of The Spheres.


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