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Sense of Self..

Post by Wings » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:58 pm

James, et-al

James, mention of concentration camps (in Michael Jackson’s thread) is poignant and very meaningful to a movie/story recently seen called The Reader. So as not to detract from homage to Michael, I took the liberty to start another thread, due in part to images the mind can create.

I apologize if you haven’t read the story or seen the movie and if you have and/or are going to, it may come together for you, as well. What gave this story its impact (for me) was Kate Winslet’s (she got the academy award for this movie) portrayal of an “Ego ridden and driven” illiterate woman. So much so, that she agonizingly and wrongly accepted the total fault for other women’s participation in the extermination of Jew’s while in Auschwitz. She was blindsided by an ego, which did not allow her too publically and in a court of law, admit she did not know how to read. The self-imposed shame her ego created in this woman’s overwhelming desire to be seen for more than she was, got her 20 years imprisonment and ultimately her life. The consequences and punishment, (as bizarre as it may seem) for her accepting full responsibility, and relinquishing others from consequences for participating with her in the death camps, “rather than reveal the truth of her illiteracy,” was very difficult to watch.

This hit home very hard, in more than one way. It spelled out that yes, the human condition, and sometimes tragedy born through lack of consciousness collectively weighed hard and heavy on so many that were less fortunate than some of us today. It was a classic time when heroics, in spite of ones self, was paramount in coexisting with the overwhelming demands of maintaining a false image and sense of self.

It weighed heavy on me because of my exposure to ET’s prayers for wisdom born through awareness and it came crashing to the surface with a realism and frailty of unconsciousness which compelled this misguided woman to nod fraudulently and affirmatively to guilt which was not totally hers. I was drained with compassion but yet restrained by the atrocities this woman committed. The mixed levels of emotions and interweaving of this story, mixed with what many of us on this forum have put in place as presence and awareness within the household we dwell and live in NOW, still leaves me pensive of existing human dysfunctions we see and sense externally and within….

Perhaps, through the years, I’ve grown to appreciate the offerings of this forum and its support for clarity. For me, as in the past, it has periodically lit a thankful candle whose glimmer keeps the fire of awareness illuminated at my bedside which brings comfort and more often then not, peace and smiles well needed …..

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Re: Sense of Self..

Post by James » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:13 am

Yes, I thought The Reader was a great film. And another film that this thread brings to mind, is the foreign made Das Leben der Anderen, or translates to English: The Lives Of Others. It takes place in post WW2, East Berlin, more info. on it here:


"Awareness is already present, already here, already now; before you try to be more.... In that recognition there's no effort, there's just acknowledgment"..."Awareness is not something you can understand, it's something you are."

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