Breathing the 'Lighter' Air

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Breathing the 'Lighter' Air

Post by gina » Mon Jun 19, 2006 12:42 am

A joke to lighten-up the mood on the forum. (hee-hee)

These two guys who were friends were walking down the street. As

they were approaching the neighborhood cemetary the one friend says

to the other, "Did you know if you listen quietly at night, you can hear

God and the Devil debating who's going to be getting our souls!"

And his friend says, "No way!"

So his friend says, "It's true, man." But his friend shook his head

and than they walked on.

Later that night, the guy's curiosity got the better of him and he

couldn't shake the urge to go down to the cemetary. So he starts walking

around and around and around trying to listen for any unusual sounds,

but he doesn't hear anything and finally gives up and decides to go


Suddenly, from around this humungus gravestone he hears somebody

say, "No, no! I did not give you those two, I gave you that one and that

one." And the other voice said, "Yeah, but that's not what I asked for. I

asked for only that one. Here take these others back."

So the man not wanting to be detected, held his breath with all his

might and started moving his head slowly around the gravestone so he

could take a peek.

There between two squirrels was the biggest mound of acorns he had

ever seen. And the one squirrel says to the other, "I'll give you these

two nuts for that one!" And the other says, "No, give me those three nuts

and we'll call it even." And the other squirrel said, "No, I already told

you I wanted those two nuts. No way I'm giving them to you!" And the

other squirrel says, "Okay, okay. I'll give you those two nuts!"

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