spiritual life?

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spiritual life?

Postby void » Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:01 pm

I always thought the spiritual life would be blissful, easy, and sort of dreamlike, and to be honest i was wrong.
sometimes i wish id never bothered with it(only sometimes)
sometimes i feel as though ive opened a door that i want to close, but cant..... there are moments of pure oneness when my body/mind feels as clear as a diamond, and there is nothing but infinity, infinity without a perciever saying" thats infinity", there is often beauty of the birds the trees., the sun, the stars , the women and men and children, in them i see sometimes a light shining, that must the inner god, the spiritual life is all this and more , sometimes beautiful, sometimes hard, but i wouldnt choose anything else.... i didnt choose it.... it chose me...it is me....
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