There is only one mind ?

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There is only one mind ?

Postby weichen » Mon Jul 24, 2006 7:25 pm

ET and other spiritual teacher make it clear that there is only one life, one spirit, one God. So it is rediculous to say "my spirit is true and your spirit is false".

How about ego, mind ? It seems that we can also say that there is only one mind, one ego. I was watching foodball, and suddenly I found myself possessed by an external mind as if I am the quarterback, I lost control of myself for a few seconds.

Living becomes much easier if I can see myself as a radio and there is only two station I can tune into: spirit (peace), and mind (non silence). The spirit is not inside my form, neither is the mind. The mind possessiveness that happened to me today (which makes me believe that I am the quarterback) is like a song played in the "mind" station. It is going to possesse many billions of other people. So are all the other mind activities!!!
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