the state that precedes everything

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the state that precedes everything

Postby void » Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:23 am

I am sitting on a bench, its 9.30pm, and the sun is going down, cars are wizzing past. Traffgic lights are changing colours, the trees are whispering in the breeze. Everything is flashing up on this cinema screen which is consciousness, and like a movie , each scene melts and morphs into the next.
No part of this movie has any permenance,... the only remaining factor is the blank cinema screen of consciousness underneath the movie.
This awarenessd, or consciousness is the state that was, before everything... it precedes everything, the world, the earth, the person i "think" i am.
The earth appears in consciousness, the world too, the person and all its troubles.
even the "big bang" or any percieved beginning to the universe has to happen in awareness, or ithasnt really happened.
NOw i see that god, or life being infinite and omnipresent has never left me, you or anyone,... being infinite, how can it move, and where to?
it is only in the brain that it seems there is seperation.,
but now there is this state of connectedness,....yet even that is not true,...
there is no me connected to "it" its just whole and thats how it is.
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