part animal.

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bruce lee
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part animal.

Post by bruce lee » Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:53 am

I sometimes see that many things on earth are becoming more important than they need be,..i see food programmes on tv, and its not just about food, eating to live,..the people on them are saying they know about food, and making a statement about who they think it makes them. Its the same with houses, cars , clothes, holidays, and a thousand other things too. We have to remember that the human, even with his spiritual aspirations is part animal, and maybe more animal, than intelectual? No matter how schooled or educated someone is, thay can be pushed to be violent, to fight if needs demand,,and this can be an intelligent response to protect the body..we have been physical animal creatures since we appeared on earth, but not always educated, conditioned with the information, the education and world view we now have,. Nothing within us goes away simply by being denied.. this is demonstrated in the area of sex,..there are many cases in religious circles where priests have had illicit sexual contact with others, sometimes minors. These people may well preach about sex being a sin, but still feel the need to engage in it, even if its illegal, or immoral with in the framework of their religion. Of course not all religious leaders, priests etc fall into this category but im just making the point. There is so much in humans that is phoney, pretentious, a mere cover for what really lies beneath the surface,,and if what does lie there is not acknowledged and brought to light and understood, people can be extremely dangerous. Only last week i was stuck in heavy traffic, and within ten minutes people were getting desperate and ruthless..breaking the rules of the road, taking stupid risks, totally having no regard for others safety at all. Despite talk of goodness, and selflessness , often in situations like this people revert to animal status very quickly. Some people would maybe disagree strongly with this, and say were more than animals, and we are , but what if there were a war, and it was survival of the fittest? who would live on ? the animalistic or the intelectual? I see the same phenomenon sometimes in male / female relationships. ,, a long time ago , manly, strong, ruthless men were sought out by women, but now that kind of man is seen as outdated, rather pointless.,, yet if there were a war or some major catastrophe and the whole enviroment changed, what kind of man would a woman seek out if she wanted to survive? a weakling who plays on his computer all day? or a strong , violent man? im not saying any of this is right or how it SHOULD be , but simply how it is. Lots of what we think is right and good, is dictated by the climate we live in, and the status quo of the times, but times can change and then whats acceptable would be totally diffrent. Imay be against stealing, but if i lost my job , had no money, or hope of getting any and my kids were starving, then id have to steal to feed my kids.

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Re: part animal.

Post by mmy » Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:25 am

bruce lee wrote:what kind of man would a woman seek out if she wanted to survive?
A person's survival is not dependent on seeking out another person.

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Re: part animal.

Post by runstrails » Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:10 pm

Brucelee, please edit your post with regard to paragraphs, capitalization and punctuation. As it is, it's pretty hard for anyone to read right now. Thanks

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Re: part animal.

Post by gen6 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:19 pm

Yep, nice post :) That's why we have to develop ourselves in all directions, not only intelectual, spiritual :) Because in extreme situation as war, Eckhart Tolle is a goner while a stupid ,,non-enlightened,, solider is alive. That's why we are combination of all things and everything is important and connected.
And yes we are animals, we share so many characteristcs with animals, we are animals, animals capable of complex thinking processes.
And yes in specific situations, everything changes, the good spiritual teacher will steal food to feed his family etc, everything is relative.

Main goal of humans - Survive + Get pleasure.


Oh..and yes, people are much,much,much dependant on the environment they live in. (i.e. their thoughts,actions, goals, behaviour)
Live as if nothing and everything matters at the same time.

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Re: part animal.

Post by Beyondthought » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:39 am

Yeah I see where your getting at. To be honest people like eckhart would probably survive, I mean you experience the lessening of ego and violence in the energy field of presence. But considering a war, I would probably eat, then it devolve and would find meaning in getting food, but ALSO if it was a war we would have all the chaos.
A life hunting, getting food in a post war place would be a terrible drag, just to survive, I would rarely have time to have sex, enjoy playing and listening to music, eating, playing around, everyone would be in paranoia..... unless I was to become a leader or someone was peacefully putting it all back together, that may seem a reason to keep on going.

But yeah were dirty little animals :P

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